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Transferring from Other Majors

Transferring From Within UMass Lowell

If you are a UMass Lowell student and want either to change your major to computer science or to add computer science as a second major, you should talk over your intentions with a computer science faculty member, preferably the undergraduate coordinator.  The faculty member can help you assess whether a CS major is right for you.

Before you officially become a major, you must take COMP.1010 Computing I. If you have transfer credit for computer science courses, you must take at UMass Lowell the first course in our introductory sequence for which you do not have credit.

When your grades are available for Computing I, bring a Declaration of Major/Minor/Second Major or Change of Major form to the CS Undergraduate Coordinator, who will sign the form if two conditions hold:

  • your GPA among CS major courses (courses with a COMP prefix not designated as “not-for-majors”) is at least 2.5
  • your overall GPA is at least 2.3

The final step is to take the signed form to The Solution Center.