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Yongwoo Lee

Yongwoo Lee is a Research Professor in the Chemistry Department and head of the Yongwoo Lee Research Group at UMass Lowell.
Yongwoo Lee Research Professor
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    College of Sciences
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    Chemistry, Yongwoo Lee Research Group
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Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Decontamination Chemistry, Reactive Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF), and Protective fabrics


Yongwoo Lee joined the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2013 as a Research Professor of Chemistry. He has been working on development of protective suits utilizing enzyme-based self-decontaminating materials at QinetiQ North America, Inc. (Waltham, MA). Lee also has extensive research experience in optically active NLO materials and flexible polymer transistors. Lee received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University. Prior to his doctoral training, he worked for KIST as a synthetic-organic chemist on multistep synthesis of antibiotic ß-lactam. He worked for over 20 years at major national research institutions: BF-Goodrich (Brecksville OH), Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, NM), MIT (Cambridge, MA), US Naval Research Laboratory (Washington DC), and Foster-Miller Inc. (Waltham, MA). While at the Naval Research Laboratory, he and his research team were recognized with the 37th Alan Berman Research Award (2006) and NRL Edison Award (2005) for work leading to three breakthroughs US patents on development of specialty enzyme-based catalytic self-decontaminating materials.

Selected Publications

  • Liu, Y., Smith, C.E., Parnell, L.D., Lee, Y., An, P., Straka, R.J., Tiwari, H.K., Wood, A.C., Kabagambe, E.K., Hidalgo, B., Hopkins, P.N., Province, M.A., Arnett, D.K., Tucker, K.L., Ordovas, J.M., Lai, C.Q. (2020). Salivary AMY1 Copy Number Variation Modifies Age-Related Type 2 Diabetes Risk. Clinical chemistry, 66(5) 718-726.
  • Shah, P.N., Dev, S., Lee, Y., Hansen, C.J. (2017). Processing and Mechanical Properties of Bio-Derived Vinyl Ester Resin-Based Composites. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, (13).
  • Dev, S., Shah, P.N., Zhang, Y., Ryan, D.K., Hansen, C.J., Lee, Y. (2017). Synthesis and mechanical properties of flame retardant vinyl ester resin for structural composites. Polymer, 133 20 - 29.