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Herb Robinson

Herb Robinson, Engineer

Herbert William Robinson has worked as an engineer for various high-tech companies throughout his career, including Transitron in Wakefield, Systems Engineering Labs (Florida), Incoterm in Wellesley and his present employer, Stratus Technologies in Maynard. 

Although Robinson has been gainfully employed for many years, he has "been at the bottom of the ladder," and vividly remembers those more difficult days. Robinson has worked as a farm laborer, mason's helper, a soda jerk in his father's drug store and also supported himself for a while as a dishwasher. While earning his BSEE degree from Cornell University, Robinson worked as a musician and belonged to Local 132 of the American Federation of Musicians. In partnership with Margo Granfors under the name Towering Pretzels, he recorded a music CD. Robinson also built a mobile recording studio that used to operate under the name Curbside Recording.

Robinson is a member of various organizations including, Newton Ward 5 Democratic Committee, Association for Computing Machinery, Cornell Society of Engineers, Cornell Club of Boston, Audio Engineering Society, Society of Motion Picture Engineers and ACLU.

Robinson grew up in a small farming town in upstate New York and currently lives in Newton.