What information do I need to process grant additional compensation (add comp)?

Request a salary analysis report from Payroll. You should receive this in about 24 hours after your request.
The salary analysis report confirms your current salary, calendar year limits (33%) and monthly limits (1/9). The report also confirms add comp that has been paid out to date, including pending payments.

After I receive the salary analysis report, what should I do next?

If you don’t yet have a DocuSign account, please email: help@uml.edu to create one.

If you do not want a DocuSign account, you will need to initiate the process through the web links on the Additional Compensation page. However, you won't be able to track of save your forms without a DocuSign account.

What are the benefits of creating a DocuSign account?

You’ll be able to initiate and track all of your forms through DocuSign vs. going through the website. It’s also a convenient way to keep copies of all of your DocuSign forms in one place and it allows you to send reminders to signatories for efficient processing.

Who should I list for add comp form approvals?

  • Employee receiving additional compensation
  • Principal Investigator (PI) of the grant being charged
  • The PI’s Financial Research Administrator (FRA). Not sure who your FRA is? You can check for that information on the ORA contact page.
  • Employee’ Chair
  • Employee’s Dean
  • VCRI and Payroll are automatically added to the workflow for review/approval

Can I charge add comp during the academic year?

If the grant is private and the budget includes AY salary, a PI can charge 1 day/week during the academic year (pending Chair, Dean, VC and Provost approvals).

What dates should I use for my add comp form?

Per the faculty union contract, the academic year starts Sept. 1 and ends May 31. Grant add comp should start June 1 and end by Aug. 31.

I would like to process summer salary from my startup account. Should I initiate through DocuSign?

No, summer salary from startup should be processed on a Personnel Action Form (PAF), accessed on the Payroll website. After your chair and dean sign, the form should go to Karen Morin for the Provost’s review and approval.

How do I request approval to exceed my 33% calendar year limit?

Requests can be submitted through the Research and Innovation portal (InfoReady). Please submit a copy of all the grant add comp you plan to request for the calendar year on an excel spreadsheet with dates and hours. The form will be routed to the VC for Research and Provost for final approval. Once approved, VCRI staff will assist you with next steps.

How do I know if my add comp has been paid out?

You can request an updated salary analysis report from Payroll to see what has and what will be paid out to date. If you do not see the amount in question on the report, please reach out to Payroll@uml.edu to check on status.