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Faculty Research Projects

Locate detailed information about the research projects in which these faculty members are involved or see a one slide research overview:

 Alkim Akyurtlu, Electrical and Computer Engineering

 Carol M.F. Barry, Plastics Engineering

 Susan Braunhut, Biological Sciences

 Bridgette M. Budhlall, Plastics Engineering

  • Microwave Responsive Polymer Microcapsules Prepared By Liquid-Liquid Templating and Phase Separations 

 Julie Chen, Mechanical Engineering

 Michael J. Ellenbecker, Toxic Use Reduction Institute 

 Rudolph Faust, Chemistry

 Zhiyong Gu, Chemical Engineering

 David Kazmer, Plastics Engineering

 Byungki Kim, Mechanical Engineering

 Jayant Kumar, Physics

 Jun S. Lee, Plastics Engineering

 Sanjeev K. Manohar, Chemical Engineering

 Martin Margala, Electrical and Computer Engineering

 Melisinda McDonald, Chemistry

 Joey Mead, Plastics Engineering

 Robert Nicolosi, School of Health and the Environment

 Stephen Orroth, Plastics Engineering

 Emmanuelle Reynaud, Mechanical Engineering

 Marina Ruths, Chemistry

 Daniel J. Sandman, Chemistry

 Daniel Schmidt, Plastics Engineering

 Mengyan Shen, Physics

 Hongwei Sun, Mechanical Engineering

 Joel Therrien, Electrical and Computer Engineering 

 Xingwei Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

 Arthur C. Watterson, Chemistry

 James E. Whitten, Chemistry

 Xiaoqi (Jackie) Zhang, Civil and Environmental Engineering