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UMass Lowell has unique expertise in plastics engineering, and nanotechnology for research in advanced manufacturing. Our nearly three dozen researchers have a variety of interests from flexible electronics to environmental impacts.
flexible nano electronics

Novel substrates for flexible electronics

Our research focuses on novel substrates for flexible hybrid electronics.

There are many applications for flexible electronics such as sensors, electronics, displays, RFID and wearables. 

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New filaments for 3D Printing

3D Printing Engineering Thermoplastics (3D PET) is a new UMass Lowell initiative that seeks to drive development of high performance engineering thermoplastics and composites in 3D printing.

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Advanced Polymer Processing

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  • Nanocomposites 
  • Coextrusion of nanolayered films 
  • Electrospinning 
  • Molding and imprinting of micro and nanostructured surfaces 
  • Directed assembly and transfer of nanoelements and polymer blends 

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Environmental impact of nanomanufacturing

At this time, little is known about the potential toxicity of nanoparticles, especially engineered nanoparticles. We must take a precautionary approach to working with nanoparticles. The importance of this research is that the engineered nanoparticles studied here are materials in a new category where exposure data are not available and the toxicological information is limited. Our research is focused on:
  • Monitoring of airborne nanoparticle exposures 
  • Rapid toxicity screening of nanomaterials 
  • Recycling of nanomaterials

Application of nanomanufacturing


  • Flexible electronics, EMI shielding
  • Metamaterials
  • Sensors
  • Superhydrophobic and icephobic surfaces
  • Biological and Medical applications
  • Energy

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