Nanomanufacturing Center

Nanomedicine Research Projects

Novel Polymer-Protein Substrates for Immunofluorescenct AssaysMelisenda McDonald, Chemistry;Joey Mead, Plastics Engineering
Development of A Biosensor Testbed For Her2 DetectionSusan Braunhut, Biological Sciences
Versatile Optical Sensing Platform For Detection Of Biological InteractionsXingwei Wang,Electrical and Computer Engineering Melisinda McDonald, Chemistry 
Novel Automated Nutrient Incorporation (NANI)Melisenda McDonald, Chemistry;Emmanuelle Reynaud, Mechanical Engineering; Daniel Schmidt, Plastics Engineering; Xingwei Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering
A Nanoemulsion of Antioxidant Synergy Formulation Enhanced Its Anti-inflammatory Properties In CD-1 Inflammatory Mice ModelRobert Nicolosi,School of Health and Environment 
Nanoformulations of Drugs Reduce Tumor Growth in Breast and Melanoma Cancer: Use of Cellular Biology and Microarray Technology to Study Mechanism(s) of ActionRobert Nicolosi,School of Health and Environment 
Novel Molecular Architectures Using Nature's Nanofactories: EnzymesArthur C. Watterson, Chemistry
New Block Copolymers Comprised of Polyisobutylene and Poly (vinylferrocene) SegmentsRudolf Faust,Chemistry
Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Designer Macromolecules for Biomedical ApplicationRudolf Faust,Chemistry
Progress Towards In Vivo Detection of Alzheimer's in a Live Mouse ModelSanjeev K. Manohar, Chemical Engineering
Microwave, Photo- & Thermally Responsive Au@Polymer Microcapsules for NanomedicineBridgett M. Budhlall, Plastics Engineering