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Development of Chirality and Length Controlled SWNY Synthesis

Development of Chirality and Length Controlled SWNY Synthesis Process using Water Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition and Highly Defined Catalyst/Subst


Young-Kyun Kwon, Physics, Yung Joon Jung, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Northeastern University 

In this proposal, we propose a collaborative effort between experimental and theoretical research on a controlled synthesis of SWNTs in a large scale with uniform structures resulting in desired properties. In details, we will focus on narrowing the distribution of chirality and controlling the length of SWNTs as well as producing them in a high volume using the water-assisted chemical vapor deposition technique and highly defined catalyst/substrate systems. This synthetic approach will be guided by computational

modeling based on first principles calculations. We will investigate various metal elements and composites with their different structures and sizes, to identify proper catalysts, which mediate to synthesize desired SWNTs. Also the CNT growth rates will be estimated using kinematics for a given growth temperature. Our collaboration between computations and experiments will form efficient feedback loop, and thus will make synergic effects to synthesize desired SWNTs effectively.