Publications are in PDF form.

Robert Muganga: Summer 2008
Uncertainty Evaluation of Displacement and Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Rock

Ayhan Gurbuz: Spring 2007
The Uncertainty in the Displacement Evaluation of Deep Foundations

Edward Hajduk: Summer 2006
Full Scale Field Testing Examination of Pile Capacity Gain with Time

Tan Young: Summer 2005
Sheet Pile Wall Design and Performance in Peat

Roiy Guy: Summer 2004
Evaluation of Driven Piles Behavior in Providence RI Testing Program

Assem Elsayed: Summer 2003
The Characteristics and Engineering Properties of Peat in Bogs

Michele Jodar: Summer 2002
Axial Capacity of H-Piles

Christopher J. Palmer: Spring 1999
Tactile Pressure Sensor Technology Applications to Geotechnical Engineering

Terry A. Tolosko: Spring 1999
Extrapolation of Pile Capacity from Non-Failed Load Tests

Edward Hajduk: Summer 1999
Design and Construction of an Instrumented Pile Cluster

Leo Hart: Summer 1998
Development and Field Testing of the Multiple Deployment Model Pile (MDMP)

Fan Xi: Summer 1997
The Fundamental Mechanism of Shear of Granular Material along an Interface

Valerie LaBelle: Summer 1995
Static and Dynamic Time Dependent Pile Behavior

Peter Connors: Fall 1995
Examination of Boundary Effects in Interfacial Testing

Christine Cullen: Spring 1994
Experimental Study of the Friction of Granular Material Along an Interface

Les Chernaukas: Spring 1994
Dynamic Analysis of Plugged Pipe Piles in Clay

Donald L. Peach: Fall 1994
A Mechanized Anchorage System for US Army Quick Deployment Structures

John Regan: Spring 1993
A Simplified Method for the Capacity Evaluation of Driven Piles

James McLaughlin: Summer 1993
A New Apparatus for Testing Friction of Soil along a Solid Surface

Ravindra N. Mynampaty: Fall 1993
Pore Pressure Build-Up and Dissipation Around Piles Penetrating in Clays

Lawrence E. Rolwes: Summer 2002
The Mechanism of Load Transfer in Granular Materials Utilizing Tactile Pressure Sensor Technology

Kevin DiRocco: Fall 1992
Photoelastic Measurement Techniques Utilizing Digital Image Processing for Modeling Granular Material

Kirk L. Stenersen: Spring 2001
Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Dynamic Analysis of Driven Piles

Hsien-Jen Tien: Summer 2001
The Arching Mechanism on the Micro Level Utilizing Photoelasticity Modeling