Designing scalable pervasive healthcare monitoring, rehabilitation, and public health systems

CDH has three major research foci: (1) Designing scalable pervasive healthcare monitoring, rehabilitation, and public health systems;
  • “Flexware project”, funded by NSF with $1M. This project aims to study flexible and scalable computing systems to support computer assisted independent living for aging individuals.
  • Other projects from the CDH team, Yunsheng Ma is co-investigator on two recently awarded NIH grants: a $1.3M NIH R01 entitled “RELAX: A mobile application suite targeting obesity and stress”; and a $2M R01 entitled “Get Social: Randomized Trial of a Social Network Delivered Lifestyle Intervention”.
  • CDH co-director, Wei Ding is serving as PI for a $2.4M NIH R01 grant which aims to develop novel approaches for predicting free-living physical activities in youth
  • CDH co-director, Katherine Tucker directs an NIH funded $10M Center on Population Health and Health Disparities (P50 HL105185), and serves as a co-investigator for NIH grants and contracts working with diverse populations (including R21 NR013231 “Multilevel determinants of CVD risk in African Americans” and R01DK064902 “Postpartum Diabetes Prevention Program in Hispanic Women”.

These projects link multiple complex data sources including individual dietary intake, health, and behavior data with Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) data, health care information and environmental level variables to better understand factors associated with health risks and health disparities--with the goal of improving preventive approaches to public health. The CDH will help bring computer and engineering expertise to these types of population-based projects to improve quality of data collection and linkage at a large scale.