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Zhenglun (Alan) Wei

Zhenglun (Alan) Wei is an Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering department at UMass Lowell.
Zhenglun (Alan) Wei, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
  • College
    Francis College of Engineering
  • Department
    Biomedical Engineering
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    Falmouth 202C
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Fluid-Structure Interaction, Data-Driven Models, Machine Learning, Cardiovascular System, Ocular Biomechanics

Research Interests

My research focuses on developing and applying advanced engineering techniques (both computational and experimental) to investigate biofluid and biosolid mechanics in physiological systems. We have been producing significant knowledge and data on the cause, accurate diagnosis and prognosis, and safe and effective treatment of related diseases. Also, we play an essential role in translating computer-aid personalized therapy into clinical applications. We assisted clinicians from the United States and worldwide to optimize surgical and interventional strategies for real-world patients. A list of full publications can be found in