At UMLRI, we develop advanced technology solutions to address the most difficult problems in national security, economic development, and overall human betterment.

Each day, UMLRI's science and engineering expertise is used to turn ideas into workable solutions for our customers. We take the best ideas, often co-developed with our UMass-Lowell academic partners, and turn them into systems applications that provide a significant technological advantage over other approaches.

Synergy with UMass Lowell

As an integral part of UMass Lowell, UMLRI’s customers get access to not only a leading research and development organization, but they have an open door to the vast intellectual resources of one of America's leading research universities.
UMLRI and UMass Lowell combine the best of both applied and basic research to solve the innovation equation on behalf of clients. This combination provides unsurpassed expertise, technical solutions, and new levels of capability for our armed forces, our federal and state sponsors, our industry partners, and those with whom we collaborate worldwide.
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