Gabriela Boscaja decided to stay close to home for college, a decision that landed her on the Great Wall of China. 

“I wouldn't have had the same opportunities and built my strong relationships at a different college.”

Gabriela Boscaja was looking at schools in Boston as she planned her path to a bachelor’s degree after finishing an associate’s at Middlesex Community College. But when she heard about the fulfilling experiences her friends were having at UMass Lowell, she decided to see for herself. 

“I made the right decision,” says Boscaja, a management major focusing on finance. “UMass Lowell has given me the opportunity to study abroad in China and I love all of my classes and the organizations I’m involved with.”

Boscaja spent two months in Beijing assisting a marketing executive by blogging, attending meetings and speaking to media about the company’s projects. She also took classes in Mandarin and Chinese economic history with students from across the globe, and traveled around the country.

“Every student should study abroad. Being far from your family, you learn so much about yourself and your capacity,” says Boscaja, who is minoring in Asian Studies. “I never thought I’d be on the Great Wall of China hiking a thousand stairs, but I got to test more of my abilities, especially through my internship.” 

Boscaja is also involved with student leadership programs on campus, including Diversity Peer Educators and The Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting. 

After graduation, she plans to work in international finance or as an analyst helping others manage their money. Either path will draw on her experiences on campus and in China.

“Through these experiences, I've realized that I love to learn about making connections to other people and cultures. My career will include a lot of relationship-building and travel.” says Boscaja. “Fortunately, I have friends from many parts of the world who I met during my internship, so I already have connections across the globe.”