David Entwistle studies physics because he’s always been fascinated by how the world works. He also wants to teach.

At UMass Lowell, he combined both interests by majoring in physics and training to become a teacher through the university’s UTeach program.

“The UTeach program gives me everything I need to get certified in education,” says Entwistle. “I’ll have my minor in education and a bachelor’s degree in physics which leaves the door open for me to go into industry down the line if I choose to.”

His student teaching job at Chelmsford High School solidified his decision to pursue an education career after graduation.

“I am so excited about working with the students and helping them grow as both students and young adults,” says Entwistle who taught college preparatory physics to seniors.

During his time at the university, he has immersed himself in the campus community by working as a UTeach student ambassador, orientation coordinator and intramural sport supervisor at the Campus Recreation Center.

“I have always been one to spread myself thin and do everything I can,” he says. “I have my close group of friends to get together with and do homework or study. I also work at the campus recreation center and I participated on the club volleyball team, so most evenings I find myself fitting in there. And during the summers, I am the student coordinator for the orientation program, so I have my summer family as well. All these opportunities for me to get involved made me feel at home here.”

Entwistle strives to make student experiences at UMass Lowell as successful as his and hopes he leaves a lasting legacy.

He says: “Through my jobs on campus and the clubs and events I’ve participated in, I have crossed paths with thousands of students. Whether my impact on them is for one day or a lifetime, I just aimed for it to be a positive one.”