How many people can say they’ve worked with Madonna and the Rolling Stones? UMass Lowell alumni Adam Ayan can.

Adam is a three-time Grammy Award winner who works as a mastering engineer at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine. As a high school musician, Adam was looking for a college experience that was affordable and could expose him to the other side of the music industry. He found what he was looking for in UMass Lowell’s Sound Recording Technology (SRT) program.

Adam credits his education at UMass Lowell with providing him a strong foundation for his career in the music industry. “One of the best things I was taught at UMass Lowell was how to listen like an engineer versus listening like a musician,” he says. “It’s a skill that I use every day.”

See and hear Adam speak about his experience at UMass Lowell in this alumni T.V. spot:

He speaks highly of Prof. Will Moylan, with whom he stays in touch and has even worked with professionally. “Prof. Moylan does a great job of properly projecting the reality of what this industry is like,” he says. “I feel I’m better prepared for the day-to-day work of this industry than I would have been in another program.”

And while a typical day can find him working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Adam also finds time to talk to young people considering careers in the music business. “When students ask me where they should consider going to school for sound recording, I tell them I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else but UMass Lowell,” he says.