Aaron King loves a great story, whether it’s told in a book or on film.

So when the honors English major was figuring out how to use his $4,000 award for being a Co-op Scholar — doing research with a faculty member, studying abroad or interning with a community partner — he was excited to discover a position at Lowell Telecommunications Corp., the city’s public access cable television station.

The internship changed his career trajectory. Before, he’d planned to teach English, possibly overseas. Now he plans a career in video or television production.

“I really enjoyed getting behind a camera and being able to tell a story,” he says. “The environment at LTC had a big part in it. They made me feel that the work I was doing was important.”

He worked as a cameraman, lighting gaffer and editor on shows created by community members and the station staff. He helped out on projects that included a series of short films that LTC produced for the Smithsonian Institution on Lowell as a city of innovation. And he learned a lot. When he came back to school in the fall, he found out about the new digital media minor and started taking classes.

He’s worked at LTC almost continuously since his co-op, either as an intern or as a summer employee. This year, he also worked in the university’s TV studio, checking out equipment to students and helping the Digital Media Director Wael Kamal shoot and edit videos for various departments and programs.

King says Kamal has been a great role model due to his expertise, work ethic and dedication to building the digital media program through partnerships within the university and in the community.
“I’ve learned how to prioritize projects and keep myself organized,” King says. “I’ve also learned how to keep a level head in stressful situations.”

His honors capstone brought together literature and film. He analyzed three novels set in New Zealand and their film adaptions. His adviser was Assoc. Prof. of English Keith Mitchell.

“Professor Mitchell’s dedication to students is astounding. I see how passionate he is about my work and success,” King says. “He’s another example of how helpful I’ve found faculty in preparing me for life after college.”