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Moloney Student Fellowship Fund Established

New Fund Will Pay Students Stipends for Internships

UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney speaks with a student as she walks up the stairs
Chancellor Jacquie Moloney and her husband, Ed Moloney, established the Moloney Student Fellowship Fund to support students who otherwise couldn’t afford to do unpaid internships.

By Jennifer Nejman Bohonak

UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney ’75, ’92 knows that many students work to pay their way through college. Often, they can’t accept unpaid internships — even if the experience would be beneficial when applying for jobs in their chosen career path.   

But Moloney doesn’t want the students’ hard work and financial situation to put them at a disadvantage. So, as part of the Moloney family legacy and as one of her final fundraising initiatives as chancellor before she steps down from that role in June, Moloney and her husband, Ed Moloney, established a new fund with a significant contribution of their own.

Their goal is to provide leadership opportunities for students through the Moloney Student Fellowship Fund, which will award stipends to students so they can accept unpaid internships with nonprofits, campus initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures and other opportunities.

Already, UMass Lowell alumni and friends are supporting the fund.

“As a graduate of the University of Lowell, I think back to how hard it was to pursue my education and work nights and weekends to pay for it,” says Jerry Colella, ’78, ’19 (H). “Then, when I got out of school, every job I interviewed for, people said to me, ‘You have no experience.’” 

Colella is chairman of the board of MKS Instruments and is the company’s former CEO. He and his wife, UMass Lowell alumna Joyce Colella ’77, ’19 (H), supported the fund to help students.

To donate, or to learn about the program, please contact Derek Berger at or 978-934-4753