A 21st Century Home for Education and Psychology

Coburn Hall is part of our legacy — the oldest and most iconic building on the UMass Lowell campus. It’s the place where our university began and the historic home of our College of Education.

To ensure that this historic building remains a home to bright young educators and researchers well into the future, we’ve embarked on a $45 million, top-to-bottom renovation and expansion of Coburn Hall.

We’ll restore its beautiful architectural features, and we’ll create high-tech, high-touch learning environments. Our goal is to provide students with spaces that look like the classrooms they’ll teach in, dynamic psychology lab spaces, and a vision of possibilities for teaching and learning in the 21st century.

You can help lay the groundwork for Coburn’s exciting future.

Watch history in the making! Check out our time-lapse coverage and live webcam of the Coburn Hall renovation.