Five students pose for a picture in front of Southwick Hall.

Many alumni and friends wish to support UMass Lowell but aren’t sure whether they can do so without compromising financial security or significantly reducing the size of their estate.

The good news is that charitable giving isn’t just about outright gifts. Many opportunities exist to support UMass Lowell in a way that makes equal sense for the university and for the donor’s personal financial plan. 

Planned gifts include a wide variety of options, such as bequests, life-income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and other estate intentions. Planned gifts can be funded through a wide variety of assets, including cash and marketable securities, real estate, art collections, closely held business assets, and intellectual property. 

In 2009, the UMass Lowell Legacy Society was established in order to recognize donors who support the University through planned gifts. Please visit the Legacy Society page for more, and kindly inform us if you already have included the university in your will or another arrangement so that we may list you as a member. 

For more information, see the links below. Please contact: 

UMass Lowell Office of Gift Planning 

Phone: 978-934-4810