Five students pose for a picture in front of Southwick Hall.

Our Legacy, Our Place


In order to build on our institution’s distinguished history, continue and accelerate the progress of the last several years and become one of the nation’s premier public universities, UMass Lowell has launched a comprehensive fundraising and alumni engagement campaign entitled OUR LEGACY, OUR PLACE.

How much does the university expect to raise during OUR LEGACY, OUR PLACE: The Campaign for UMass Lowell?

The university has set a goal of $125 million in campaign commitments for key priorities by Dec. 31, 2019. At present, OUR LEGACY, OUR PLACE is in its quiet phase; the public phase will commence in spring 2016.

How was this goal determined?

The $125 million campaign target was determined by several factors, including specific institutional priorities identified through the UMass Lowell 2020 strategic planning process; the university's history and recent trends in fundraising success, coupled with its undeveloped potential; and the encouraging results of a campaign feasibility study conducted in 2013. The feasibility study solicited input from alumni, donors, and friends that shaped our goal.

Is this UMass Lowell's first comprehensive fundraising campaign?


Why is the university launching this comprehensive campaign?

By any standard one could use to measure progress, UMass Lowell has experienced tremendous growth in size, scope and reputation over the last seven years. Focusing on student and faculty success and the infrastructure necessary to ensure that success has allowed the university to make unprecedented strides. We believe that UMass Lowell's potential has only begun to be realized, and so we are working to secure private support from partners and friends who agree and want to help us enhance and accelerate this progress.

What are the campaign's priority areas?

The campaign will focus on five key areas: Student Access & Success, Faculty Leadership & Innovation, Living and Learning (i.e., facilities), Excellence in Athletics and Sustainability & Engagement (annual giving participation and volunteer service).

If UMass Lowell is funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, why does the university need private gifts?

For decades the university has received a declining percentage of its annual operating revenue from the Commonwealth; the figure stands at 26 percent today. This reality has required UMass Lowell to be entrepreneurial, especially in terms of diversifying our income sources. In order to shift the burden away from our students primarily, we have increased revenue from sponsored research, licensing and technology transfer, athletics, events, community partnerships, philanthropy and other sources.

What gifts will UMass Lowell include in OUR LEGACY, OUR PLACE?

All gifts, whether unrestricted or designated by donors for specific purposes, will be counted. Categories will include outright gifts, pledges, grants, donations in kind (noncash), and planned gifts (i.e., bequests and trusts).

How can donors make gifts in support of the campaign?

Donors may make cash gifts and/or pledges through a variety of vehicles, including personal resources, donor-advised funds, private foundation grants, stock transfers and corporate giving programs. They also have the ability to make noncash (in-kind) gifts that meet identified University priorities and can be accommodated within our current infrastructure. 

Depending on the wishes of the donor, a gift may be used in a given fiscal year or placed into a permanently endowed fund. Corporate matching gift programs will allow many donors to increase the impact of their gifts, as will bequest intentions and other planned gifts.