The impacts of water conservation here are illustrated in our AASHE STARS reporting on water use and rainwater management. Examples of such projects are listed below!

All LEED designed buildings were outfitted with water conservation fixtures. This includes ETIC, HSSB, University Suites, both University Crossing buildings, Bourgeois and Leitch residence halls, McGauvran Hall and the Pulichino Tong Business building.

Several green roofs are being grown on campus, which absorb rainwater, provide insulation and reduce the effects of heat. Many hydration stations have also been built on campus. They provide clean, drinkable water for students while reducing disposable bottle use!

Additionally, related projects on campus (such as pollinator gardens, urban forestry, and waste reduction) work together to help the health of the Merrimack River and all those who depend upon it.

Hopefully, our efforts and the efforts of all others who live along the Merrimack can allow this river to thrive again!