Similarly to energy efficiency, we aim to reduce the amount of emissions that come from our energy usage. By sourcing energy sustainably (from renewable and ecologically-friendly sources), we can do just that. We aim to be Carbon Neutral by 2050, per the Climate Action Plan, and in so doing we are working to make our heating and electricity portfolios as sustainable as possible. Read on to learn about how we are switching to a renewable energy portfolio!

Clean Energy

The University has contracted at five off-site locations for 15.9 MW of virtual net metering credits (NMCs). The NMC contracts will represent a cost reduction of over $1 Million on our FY 15 Energy Budget. During FY 14, an electrical energy cost reduction of $255,342 was realized to the FY 14 Energy Budget with the NMC contracts. The First Wind solar installations all on-line as of June, 2015.

As part of our South Campus Exterior Lighting Project to improve exterior lighting, safety, security and energy efficiency, the University has added a SolarOne renewable solar-powered bus stop enclosure with LED lighting, motion detection, and storage battery that operates 24 hours a day every day.

Our four Owner-operated and serviced solar arrays located on the roofs of Costello, Bourgeois, Leitch and Dugan are rated at 250 kW DC and during FY 14 generated 227,159 kWh and reduced electrical costs by $26,850 and sale of 153 Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) generated revenue of $38,719 (average price of $253/SREC). This reduced solar generated energy was in part due to the harsh winter but primarily due to the renovation of Bourgeois and Leitch Halls that rendered both systems inoperative for 6 months during the 1-year total construction period.