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UML Professors Published in New England Journal of Medicine

Pieces Written by Clinical Lab and Nutritional Sciences Faculty

Prof. Eugene Rogers

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The weekly appearance of the New England Journal of Medicine is anticipated and scrutinized by health practitioners and news media alike. Having something published in the Journal is noteworthy.

Two faculty from the School of Health and Environment appeared in summer issues.

Prof. Garry Handelman of the Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences Department published correspondence in the Aug. 23 issue about impaired sodium storage capacity with aging. This impairment may be responsible for the fact that dietary sodium can have a severe effect on blood pressure in older adults.

Prof. Eugene Rogers, of the same department and program coordinator for Clinical Laboratory Sciences graduate programs, published an article titled “Folate deficiency and plasma homocysteine during increased oxidative stress” in the July 26 issue.

Prof. Garry Handelman