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It’s Hunting Season for Robots at Third Annual Event

Students In Robotics Class Participate in Egg Hunt

Two robots "scramble" to collect blue pastel colored eggs at the third annual Egg Hunt.

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Six undergraduate students in Asst. Prof. Fred Martin’s Robotics I class were back in the hunt this semester as they designed and programmed robots in preparation for the third annual Egg Hunt. 

The students used Legos to build their fully autonomous (not remote-controlled) robots and teamed up with students from Asst. Prof. Karen Roehr’s Graphic Design III class to develop "identity campaigns" for each robot, giving them a name, creating advertising posters and a "back story" on each robots' genesis.

The robots faced off in a double-elimination tournament as they raced to collect more eggs than their opponent. The objective was to bring the “good” pastel eggs back to their nest while avoiding selecting the “bad” black ones. The robots also tried to stuff the black eggs into their opponent's nest.

This year’s winner, Vasiliy Dulskiy, a senior computer science major, faced round after round with his robot, the Eggsecutioner, and, after the two-hour competition ended, he was crowned the 2005 champion.

A rematch of the hunt is set for Nov. 28 at 2p.m. on the second floor of the McGauvran Student Union on UML South.

Senior computer science major Vasiliy Dulskiy, this year's Egg Hunt champion, prepares his robot, the Eggsecutioner, for competition.