Impact the transition of cutting-edge UMass Lowell technologies from lab to market.
Are you interested in:
  • Contributing to the commercialization of emerging technologies from UMass Lowell labs?
  • Developing your business & entrepreneurial skills in a real-world setting? 
  • Creating valuable relationships within the university and with industry stakeholders?
We invite you to apply for the I-Corps Intern Program, a program jointly created by the UMass Lowell I-Corps and Manning School of Business designed to accelerate the early stages of the market and customer discovery process for selected technologies.
  • Approximately 8 weeks
  • Flexible hours, easy to add to your schedule
  • Intern stipends available
  • Follow-on opportunities available

About the Internship Program and I-Corps

co-op program student
"The I-Corps program has highlighted the value of my education at UMass-Lowell transitioning my perception from the theoretical and into the real world of entrepreneurship. In doing so, it provided me with a unique educational experience involving evidence-based processes I will use throughout my professional career."
- Lani Faith Gacula, MBA, MSE  Incoming Ph.D

“The I-Corps intern program puts your education and skills to work in a real world setting to help bring innovative ideas to the marketplace to make a positive difference in our world.”
- Jack Wilson, President-Emeritus, The University of Massachusetts, and Distinguished Professor of Higher Education, Emerging Technologies, & Innovation

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