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Passive Software Testing

Passive Software Testing: Software


Status: Technology Identified; Alpha available for customer exploration

This passive software testing technology was developed by Guanling Chen, a computer science professor at UMass Lowell. It is a coarse-grained modeling method for automated graphical user interface (GUI) testing of contest-aware android applications. This technology offers a fast delivery mode (produces values in a very short time), lack of cost-effective testing solutions (extent of automation, ability to find bugs), and unique characteristics of mobile applications (context-based execution behaviors). This technology differentiates itself from other current technologies such as: 

  • Random GUI testing (Monkey)
  • Record-and-Replay
  • Script-based (Robotium framework, Monkeyrunner and many other tools)
  • Model-based testing (construction of GUI model takes a long time)

The passive software testing competitive advantages include:

  • It describes the GUI state from an interaction perspective, considering only the group constitution of a given GUI
  • It can handle scaling issues when constructing the GUI model, so it is fast to run and scale
  • It creates the possibility for further model aggregation processes

These advantages differ greatly from current sources of software testing. NVI will assist Dr. Chen and Jing Xu in:

  • Furthering market research
  • Identification of testing partners
  • Funding further testing
  • Identification of potential operations and market mentors  

If you are interested in the Passive Software Testing, please contact Nancy Saucier, Director of New Venture Development at or 978-934-3212.