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Paul Keyser

image of Keyser Paul
Paul Frederick Keyser, MrVisiting Faculty Lecturer
  • College
    Manning School of Business
  • Department
    Marketing Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Office
    Pulichino Tong Business Center - 238
  • Email

Research Interests

Corporate Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Professional communication


  • MBA: International Entrepreneurship, (1999), Boston University
  • BS: Mechanical Engineering, (1976), Villanova University


In 2015, Paul Keyser retired as the Business Unit President from Stanley Black and Decker. He has 39 years of business experience in both private and Fortune 500 companies including Barden Bearing Corp, General Electric, WR Grace, Chemfab (now St. Gobain), WW Grainger, United Rentals Inc., and Stanley Black & Decker. His background includes developing and executing strategies in Commercial, Government and Military industries. He started his career as an Engineer, and transitioned to roles in Marketing, Sales Management, Product Development, and Business Leadership. He has managed operations with revenues exceeding $220M/year. He was awarded 5 US/European patents and has orchestrated two business turnarounds. He has a BSME from Villanova University and graduated with High Honors from the Executive MBA Program at Boston University. Personal interests include his family, sailing, skiing, biking, hiking, history, astronomy and photography. He has been an Adjunct/Visiting Professor at UML Manning School of Business since 2013, and has taught courses in Corporate Entrepreneurship, Sales & Customer Relations, Marketing Principles, and Professional Communications.​

Selected Publications

  • Keyser, P.F. (1999). Gun incident ‘Shattered the Comfort' (pp. 2). The Daily News, Newburyport, MA, page one Article
  • Keyser, P.F. (Chomerics) (1992). Chomerics Technical Bulletin 210, “CHO-MASK II Conductive Foil Tape with Peel-Off Mask” (Technical Bulletin 210 pp. 1). Chomerics
  • Keyser, P.F. (Chomerics) (1991). Chomerics Technical Bulletin 168, “Soft-Shield II Self-Terminating, Low Closure Force EMI Gasket” (Technical Bulletin #168 pp. 1). Chomerics
  • Keyser, P.F. (Chomerics) (1990). Chomerics Technical Bulletin 166, “Soft-Shield Low Closure Force EMI Gaskets” (Technical Bulletin #166 pp. 1). Chomerics
  • Keyser, P.F. (Comerics) (1990). Chomerics Technical Bulletin 75, “Cho-Sorb EMI Attenuators” (Technical Bulletin 75 pp. 1). Chomerics
  • Keyser, P.F. (General Electric) (). Lexan WR Resin Technical Data Sheet (pp. 1). General Electric
  • Keyser, P.F. (Villanova University) (1975). Magazine cover illustration (pp. 1, Cover). Villanova University
  • Keyser, P.F. (Villanova University) (1975). Artwork and Photography for Villanova Engineer magazine feature article (April 1975 pp. 3). Villanova University
  • Keyser, P.F. (Villanova University) (1975). Marketing Brochure for Villanova Engineering Program (pp. 1). Villanova University
  • Keyser, P.F. (Villanova University) (1974). “Retrenchment in Engineering” (December 1974 pp. 3). Villanova University

Selected Intellectual Property

  • Patent - Keyser, P.F."Conductive Masking Laminate," EP 0 410 747 B1 Patent Cooperation Treaty
  • Patent - Keyser, P.F."Sensor Element For Detection of Hydrocarbons," 5,341,128 United States
  • Patent - Keyser, P.F."EMI/RFI Shielding Gasket," 5,028,739 United States
  • Patent - Keyser, P.F."Conductive Masking Laminate," US Patent 4,988,550 United States

Selected Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

  • Historic New England Ship Models Non-Academic - Regional, Art - Exhibition, Group (Nantucket Whaling Museum/Piel Craftsmen) - Nantucket, MA USA/Newburyport, MA USA
    Ship models produced: New England Steamships SS Nobska and SS Nantucket. Light Ship models produced: Nantucket New South Shoals, LV-1