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Blackboard: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I log into On-Campus Blackboard?

The direct URL for On-Campus Blackboard is but you can find the log in and technical support for both the OCE and On-Campus Blackboard at the Blackboard Portal: Once logged in, users can toggle between OCE and On-Campus Blackboard with the button-link at the top right of the window titled "Go to OCE" or "Go to On-Campus."

What is merging blackboard shells?

Merging is used to combine multiple sections of a course in to one so instructors only need to manage one Blackboard course. In On-Campus Blackboard, the instructor selects one course to be the master (parent) course and then selects other courses (sections) to merge into it in SIS. Merging Blackboard shells merges the enrollments for all courses selected into the single master course shell. This includes all students and any other instructors or TAs. Once courses are merged students will only see content that appears in the master (parent) course. Additional instructors and TAs will have the same permissions in the master course as they did in the merged (child) course.

For questions or help merging courses see the job aid or contact

When can I select what courses I want to have a Blackboard shell?

The Office of the Registrar will communicate via email when course set up is available for the upcoming semester. A notice will appear in Blackboard on the Information for Faculty page. You can also check the Blackboard Portal at or the On-Campus Information for Faculty page to see if course set up is available.


Why can't I tag my course in SIS to give it a shell?

There are a few possibilities:

  • Courses offered through OCE are not able to be tagged in SIS.
  • Courses running in a non-traditional term may not be available to tag in SIS.
  • Tagging is not yet available for the next term.
For questions or help with On-Campus Blackboard course set up, check the On-Campus Information for Faculty page, contact or call the IT Service Desk at 978-934-HELP (4357).
When will I see my empty course shells appear in On-Campus Blackboard?

Courses normally appear in On-Campus Blackboard within 24 hours of tagging the course in SIS. Reminder: Instructors must request content for their courses (see step 3 of course set up on the Information for Faculty page).

For more help contact or call the IT Service Desk at 978-934-HELP (4357).

How long does it take to get content copied into my new shell?

Most content requests can be completed in On-Campus Blackboard within 24 hours. Courses that require materials to be transferred from the Online and Continuing Education (OCE) Blackboard system may incur additional processing time; please allow up to 2 business days for completion of OCE transfer requests.

When do On-Campus Blackboard courses become available to students?

On-Campus courses are available to students on the first day of the term.

What do I log in with?

On-Campus Blackboard users will log in with their campus credentials.

  • Faculty will log in using their @uml email.
  • Students and TAs will log in with their @student email accounts.
What if I forgot, or need to change my password?

Manage your password using the Password Requirements webpage.

To reset your password, use the Self-Service Password Reset service.

If you can't remember the answers to your authentication questions, please call the IT Service Desk during EST business hours (8 a .m.-5 p.m.) at 978-934-HELP (4357).

How do I get Blackboard access for a TA or Grader?

TAs and Graders with the appropriate contract in HR can be enrolled through the Office of the Registrar by completing an online form.

Why is my course shell empty and has no menu?

Students report they can not see my content:

All courses are created empty. Instructors must either request a new course template or copy content from another course (see step 3 of course set up).

Mac Users Known Issue: Grade Center Scroll Bar Missing


Apple devices have a default setting that prevents instructors from seeing a scroll bar in the Full Grade Center. To change this setting: select the apple menu (top left) > select System Preferences > select General > set “Show scroll bars” to “Always” by selecting the radio button.

If you need assistance please try our Job Aid (pdf).

What is a New Template?

Requesting a new course template: This option provides you a default course menu to build a course from scratch. If you select a new course template, confirm your selection and click submit. Make another request if you need to request content or templates for additional courses.

Can I import grades from Blackboard to SiS?

Yes. Beginning in Fall 2018, faculty will have the option to import final letter grades from your On-Campus Blackboard grade center to your SiS grade roster. Learn more at the On-Campus Blackboard Grade Center synchronization information page.

How do I change a test for a student with accommodations?

Use the Test Availability Exceptions: Job Aid for Test Availability Exceptions (pdf).

How can I set a test to open at a different time for one or two students?

Use the Test Availability Exceptions: Job Aid for Test Availability Exceptions (pdf).