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On-Campus Blackboard Course Setup

Spring 2020

My Teaching Schedule in SiS. Three Blackboard links, Add a Class, Class Merge, and Add Template/Content

Course Setup Steps: Add a class, then add a new course template or content from a previous or current course.


Step 1 Add a Class: Log in to SIS and scroll to the bottom of your schedule, Select "Add a Class" then check the box to the right of each row of the class(es) you want in Blackboard, and click Save at the bottom left of the page to create the empty course shell. Add A Class Job Aid (pdf)

Step 2 Add Template/Content: In SIS1, select the link in the Blackboard box at the bottom of your schedule "Add Template/Content" to log in to the Content Request form to add a new course template2 or copy previous content into the Blackboard shell. The automated process can take up to two hours3 to populate in On-Campus Blackboard. Add a Template or Content Job Aid (pdf).


Step 3 Class Merge: For instructors teaching multiple sections: Select "Class Merge" to combine multiple sections into one Master Course4. Class Merge Job Aid (pdf)

Image shows the standard new course template menu. The title of the course is My_New_Course under which is Home Page, then a divider and Announcements followed by communication tool that are hidden from student view, indicated by a small box with a slash through it to the right of the title: Blackboard Collaborate, Course Messages, Discussions, Email, another divider and then My Grades and Blackboard Help link

Click on the Home Page to build content or assessments.


1 When you click Add Template/Content in SIS, you may encounter a pop up blocker. How to disable pop up blockers.

2A new course template provides consistency for the student experience with a standardized course menu. Click on Home Page to build new course content. Each semester you must request a new course template or copy content from one of your current or previous courses.

3Content will populate within 2 hours to 2 business days. Course content from Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS, formerly OCE) may incur additional processing time.

4Merging courses allows instructors to manage one master section; students registered in all child sections will see the same content. Self-service for merging in SiS ends 24 hours before the term starts. *Merged courses warning: If by merging, students become enrolled in more than one course within a merged set, the SiS grade center import function may fail. Grades for students with overlapping enrollments may not sync from Blackboard to SiS.