Can I opt-out of using multi-factor authentication via Duo?

No, enrollment for access to identified systems is mandatory. Consequently, for the increased protection of your own personal information, the information of our faculty, staff, students, and patients, as well as other UMass Lowell information systems, everyone with a UMass Lowell email address must enroll in Duo Security.

Can I use Duo internationally?

If you travel internationally, don’t worry – Duo authentication can work without cellular service or a Wi-Fi connection. You have several options that may be useful:

  1. Smartphone – Even with cellular service disabled or without a WiFi connection, you may use the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode that you can use to authentication. Simply choose the Enter a Passcode option when you get the Duo authentication prompt. To generate the passcode, open the Duo Mobile app on your phone and tap the button with the KEY symbol.
  2. Hardware token – if you don’t have a smartphone and you travel internationally often, you may have the option of obtaining a hardware token (contact the IT Service Desk to start the process). Simply choose the Enter a Passcode option when you get the Duo authentication prompt and then enter the passcode that shows on the hardware token.
  3. By-Pass Code – If you won’t have a smartphone and a hardware token is not an option, it is possible to get a bypass code that you can use for Duo authentication for the duration of your trip. Contact the IT Service Desk to request this option. Then, simply choose the Enter a Passcode option when you get the Duo authentication prompt and enter the bypass code that you were given.
  4. Normal options – If you have cellular service or a Wi-Fi connection, then you can simply use whatever authentication technique you normally use. The push, passcode, and phone call options all work overseas. You can even add an international phone number as one of your authentication options.
What data is stored by Duo?

The only data that Duo stores for a user is the subscriber's primary username (UML email address) and information about your second factor, such as a phone number (if using a phone for the service) or the serial number of your hardware token (if not using a phone for the service).

Does it cost me anything to use the Duo service via my phone? If so, will I be reimbursed?

There is no cost to download or use the Duo Mobile smartphone app. If not using the Smartphone App, text messages and voice calls are sent only when you request them, and they would be billed by your carrier in the same way that any other text message or call would.

What does the Duo Mobile app access on my phone?

It does not access your other apps or other data on your phone; it uses some base functionality of the phone and a certificate that identifies your phone to ensure accurate identification.

The Duo Mobile app will request access to the camera when activating the app (when using the QR barcode), but this is the only time that the camera will be activated by Duo Mobile. Under no circumstance does Duo Mobile activate devices such as microphone or GPS.

Where can I get more information?

End user documentation is available from the Duo Guide to Two-Factor Authentication website: