1. Academic Requirement: I understand that CPT will be authorized for employment ONLY if I earn academic credit on my transcript (minimum of one credit unless required for a degree program as per course catalog).
  2. Eligibility: I am eligible for CPT because I meet all of the below requirements:
    1. I have been lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis in the degree program, listed on my visa document, for at least one full academic year, and I am not in a Pathway Program (newly matriculated Pathway students must have completed at least 18 credits towards the completion of their graduate or undergraduate program to be eligible for CPT, Effective September 6, 2017) Note, the summer term is not included in the “academic year” requirement.
    2. I am not in my last semester and/or at the one-credit thesis defense stage of my degree program.
    3. My GPA is above 3.0 for Graduate or 2.0 for Undergraduate, and I am in good judicial standing (no warning, probation or other negative academic status).
    4. For students requesting summer CPT, I am enrolled in at least one course for the subsequent fall semester.
    5. I will maintain full-time course load at all times during the Fall and Spring Semester.
      1. Note: CPT policies may differ at various schools and even by academic department within the same school. Each UMass Lowell Academic Department reserves the right to deny a request for CPT at its sole discretion.
      2. CPT applications MUST be submitted to the ISSO by the Add/Drop deadline of each term
  3. Part-time versus Full-time CPT: I understand that if I become authorized for part-time CPT, I may not work more than 20 hours per week in my CPT job and that if I do so I will be in violation of my F-1 immigration status. If on part-time CPT, student may not exceed an aggregate of 20 hours per week between on campus and off-campus CPT Employment, unless the CPT is required. However, if I am authorized for full-time CPT, I may work full-time for the CPT employer.
  4. Effect on OPT: I understand that if I become authorized for more than an aggregate of 12 months of full-time CPT, I will lose eligibility for Optional Practical Training (OPT) authorization.
  5. Course Registration: I understand that I must remain registered for the entire semester or summer session for which the CPT will take place. I also understand that I am required to maintain a full-time credit load during academic semester (9 credits for Graduate, 12 credits for Undergraduate), unless approved by ISSO to do otherwise.
  6. Grading: I understand that site supervisors should offer an evaluation of my performance, but that the UML CPT faculty advisor has the ultimate responsibility for grading. I also understand that I will not be eligible to apply for OPT or future CPT until I have received a passing grade for CPT.
  7. Supervisor Requirement: I understand that I must have a UML CPT Faculty Advisor and a professional level supervisor at the work site. I am expected to consult with the UMass Lowell CPT faculty advisor periodically throughout the duration of CPT. There should be periodic contact between the UMass Lowell CPT faculty advisor and the on-site supervisor during CPT to verify that obligations are being fulfilled and to develop an optimum learning experience.
  8. Authorization is Employer and Date Specific: I understand that I may not lawfully begin employment until an International Students and Scholars (ISSO) advisor has granted CPT employment authorization through the issuance of a CPT Visa Document (I-20). To do so constitutes a serious violation of my immigration status. I understand that CPT is authorized for a specific employer and that I may not work for any other employer during this period without additional CPT authorization from the ISSO. I also understand that the authorization is date specific and that I may not begin work until the start date of the CPT authorization and I must stop working on or before the end date of authorization (authorization dates are listed on page 2 of the 1-20 form).
  9. Authorization is Semester Specific: I understand that this internship is equivalent to a one-semester course. If a placement is continued for a second semester, a NEW application must be submitted to the ISSO.
  10. Effects on Other Employment: I understand that I am NOT permitted to work both on CPT and on-campus with a Teaching or Research Assistantship unless the CPT is required for my degree as per course catalog.
  11. Other Employment Options: I understand that if I am not eligible for CPT, that I may be eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) which merely requires that the job be in my field of study and does not require academic International Students & Scholars Office credit. I may obtain information on this option from the ISSO and must plan ahead 4-6 weeks prior to my intended employment start date.

Please Note – Full-Time semester co-ops: Non-Pathway undergraduate students in the Manning School of Business and Francis College of Engineering should contact their respective academic departments as well as the Career and Co-Op Center for information on full-time semester co-op programs and the proper application timelines for said programs. Students on a full-time semester co-op cannot take more than one class while engaging in the co-op.