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Faculty Led UMass Lowell Courses Abroad

Don't just read about it, live it! Transform your learning through travel and earn credit! Check out the links to faculty blogs, facebook pages, and application links below. New programs are added every year.

Announcement: World Ready Scholarships are now available! For students enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Manning School of Business and Francis College of Engineering who wish to take advantage of faculty-led study abroad programs during the Summer of 2016, the colleges are offering scholarships. Additional scholarships may be available from Online and Continuing Education, and individual departments and programs. Students should inquire with the Office of Study Abroad & International Experiences to request an application.

Offered each Winter Session - Innovation & Entrepreneurship in India


Travel and study entrepreneurship and innovation with UMass Lowell's Manning School of Business. Undergraduate and graduate students welcome.

Students will travel to Delhi, Agra and Hubli, India with Professor Ashwin Mehta and Professor Deb Finch to KLE Technological University to learn alongside KLE students and immerse themselves in entrepreneurial mindsets and cultural influences on decision-making.

This course s worth 3 credits and is designed to help students understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in today's global economy and to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among the students in the Manning School of Business. It will cover different forms of entrepreneurship such as small businesses, growth ventures, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The course will focus on innovation types, turning innovation into reality and the process of entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship theories and concepts will be discussed with real life examples and cases.

This is a winter 2017 course. Apply and learn more.

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Offered each Winter Session - Special Topics in Honors: Cultural Immersion in Havana, Cuba

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This course will use the Cuban experience as a backdrop for experiential learning, along with discussions with professionals in that particular field of study, and writing assignments designed to allow students tot reflect upon their experience studying and living in Cuba.

Topics covered by Professor Julian Zabalbeascoa and guest lecturers from the University of Havana will provide students with a multi-disciplinary overview of Cuban contemporary culture.

This is a Winter 2017 course that runs from January 2-16, 3 credits. Satisfies the H6 requirement for Honors students. Apply and learn more.

Read about our 2016 group's experiences in their study abroad travel blog.

Offered Each Summer - Intensive Spanish Language in Cadiz, Spain

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Complete 1-4 semesters of Spanish language plus one special topics Spanish elective for a total of up to 15 credits in 3-6 weeks during the summer in Cadiz, Spain. Professor Maria Matz will assist you throughout the program on-site. Reside in one of the oldest cities in western Europe by the sea. Apply and Learn more.

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Winter 2016: Islam and Democracy: The Case of Turkey in Istanbul, Turkey

City of istanbul Turkey mosque wallpaper

The relation between Islam and Politics changed little since the rise of Islam. The surge in academic and public interest in the relationship between Islam and Politics arose in 1979 because of the Iranian revolution and then it seemed to wane until September 11, 2001. This course will attempt to decipher the role Islam plays in everyday life as well as distinguish myth from fact about Islam and Politics. Initially we will investigate the modern relation between the West and Islam, and then we will continue on to examine the role of Islam in Turkish political history and the current political scene.

Summer 2016 - Design for good in Florence and Rome, Italy

RomeStudio Workshop and Character & Layout Design are the two-course prospectus for the Summer 2016 Study Abroad in Italy. Each course will be offered as a 3 credit class.  Taught while simultaneously visiting Florence and Rome Italy. Travel Program includes, local transportation, housing and museum passes with a local guide. Itinerary includes, Accademia Gallery, Boboli Garden, Uffizi Gallery, Coloseeum, Panthenon Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Square and the Sistine Chapel.

Apply and learn more.

Summer 2016 - Archaeology & The Idea of Greece, Athens, Greece

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Study how the past interacts with the present in Athens, Greece with Professor Paul Keen. Based at the American College of Greece, UMass Lowell’s partner institution in Athens, this course will study the art, archaeology, and architecture of ancient Greece and reflect on the ways in which our understanding of the past has affected our contemporary understanding of Greek culture and the development of the Greek state. In Athens, the course will visit a large number of archaeological sites and museums—including the Acropolis, the new Acropolis Museum, and the National Archaeological Museum—and reflect not only on what these sites and archaeological objects can tell us about the past, but also the ways in which the present uses these interpretations to situate antiquity within the modern city and nation.  We will also take trips outside of Athens itself to major archaeological sites and spend time in Nafplio, the first capital of Greece.  Topics for discussion will include: the role of architecture and archaeology in shaping contemporary ideas of Greek culture, the idea of tourism and the guide-book in antiquity and today, the concept of the archaeological museum, and the role of the ancient Greek past in the formation of the Hellenic Republic.  Above all, we will be reading the city of Athens as our text and working to understanding the ways in which the city has changed and remained the same over the course of its more than 5,000 year history. 3 credits.  Apply and learn more.

Summer 2016 - Art History Special Topics: Modernism in France and French Cinema and Society in Paris, France


Art History Special Topics: Modernism in France and French Cinema and Society are the two components of a two-course prospectus for Summer 2016 Study Abroad in Paris. Many of the lessons and discussions for both classes will be taught simultaneously or concurrently while visiting various sites in France. Because the two classes are designed to segue into and compliment each other, students will be required to register for both classes for a total of 6 credits.

These two courses offer a unique opportunity for students to study the art and cultural history of France while interacting with authentic artifacts and monuments and examining these in situ and in real time. In other words, we will not be looking at reproductions of great art and architecture, we will be discussing them while standing in front of, for example, the actual painting of the Mona Lisa or touring the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Likewise French films will be discussed while students experience full immersion in contemporary French society.

6 credits. Apply and learn more. Read their blog. Watch the student presentation.

Offered each Summer session - Special Topics in Honors: Spanish and Basque Cultural Immersion in San Sebastian, Spain

san-sebastian-optThis course uses the city of San Sebastian, Spain, as its primary text. Chosen as the 2016 European Capital of Culture, San Sebastian offers students the best of both worlds: a modern Europe-an city with an Old Quarter that preserves its rich legacy of history and culture. “Special Topics in Honors: Basque Cultural Immersion” will take learning outside the classroom, exposing students to structured situations and experiences through a Humanities lens.

T.S. Eliot wrote, “[T]he end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” This course’s aim then is to enlarge and enrich the students’ 3 weeks in San Sebastian. This will be accomplished through multiple approaches: field trips and excursions, on-site lectures, an examination of Spanish history, politics, culture, geography, cuisine, literature, cinema, sport, and art; writing assignments that encourage a comparative analysis between Spain’s history and America’s today; and lessons dedicated to learning the craft and art of Immersion Writing. 3 credits.

Apply and learn more.

Read the blog from their 2015 trip.

Offered Each Summer - Lisbon, Portugal


UMass in Lisbon, offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or year in the vibrant capital city of Lisbon learning about the vast Portuguese-speaking world and European Union. Through our partnership with The University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), students will have curricular choices in both English and Portuguese, to supplement the offerings of UMass courses taught on site by both UMass and Portuguese faculty. In addition, each student will take a course in language/culture study at her or his specific instructional level. A significant number of field trips will complement classroom learning, and living accommodations and classrooms will be shared with European ERASMUS and Portuguese university students. Administrative assistance is available 24/7. A summer program offers additional UMass courses and access to courses and facilities of the Technical University of Lisbon's Superior Institute of Economics and Management (ISEG-UTL). Check out the UMass in Lisbon Facebook page. Apply and learn more.

Previously Offered: Summer 2014 - Literary London

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Travel and study in London with Professor Diana Archibald. Students can elect to take one or two courses. Required course Special Topics in English: Literary London. Optional course choices: Reviewing the Arts; Directed Study in Literature; or Directed Study in Writing. Students in this program will gain hands-on career experience through working directly with the Dickens Museum director and staff to create a resource guide the museum will utilize for American visitors.  Check out the 2014 blog.

Summer 2016 - Summer School of Migration in Prague, Czech Republic

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This summer abroad program will take place in the cosmopolitan city of Prague, an architectural treasure, located in the heart of Europe.  We will be partnering with Charles University, the oldest Czech higher education institution, founded in 1348. You will have the opportunity to join Czech and possibly other European students for 3 weeks full of experiencing a small migration yourself, learning about migration but also about yourself and your peers, and exploring a beautiful country. All of this, under the guidance of Jana Sladkova, Ph.D., from the Psychology Department, a native of Prague. The content will include current  issues of migration to the United States and the Czech Republic, case studies of particular migrant groups (i.e., Vietnamese in the Czech Republic or Mexican in the United States), and integration of migrants into their new communities. You will receive 6 credits for participating in this program. It is open to undergraduate (juniors and seniors) and graduate students from different departments. Even though the course originates in the Psychology Department, it will explore migration from vantage points of various disciplines. You can stay for 3 weeks or extend your study for another week, during which you can explore a related topic of your choice one-on-one with a Czech Professor. 6 credits. Apply and learn more.

Previously Offered: Summer 2015 - Writing About Culture and Travel, Tourism and Exile in Dublin, Ireland

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Travel and study this summer in Dublin, Ireland with professor Jonathan Silverman and Dublin City University's Mater Dei Institute professor Michael Hinds. Explore the relationships between culture, geography, history, writing and literature. Read literature about the way writers experience travel. Check out this program's 2013 blog. 6 credits.  Apply and learn more. Read their 2015 blog.

Summer 2015: Special Topics in Southeast Asian Studies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Buddhist-monks-Angkor-Wat-opt.jpgTravel and study with Professor George Chigas to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where you will participate in an exciting program with UMass Lowell partner institution, The American University of Phnom Penh. This program includes two courses; The Directed Studies course must be taken concurrently with Special Topics in Southeast Asian Studies. Both courses will deal with the role of Cambodian youth in the future of Cambodia. (Over 65% of Cambodia’s population is under 30 years-old.) The Directed Study course will involve working with a Cambodian youth organization in a service learning format. Students who enroll in the program must attend two meetings prior to departing for Cambodia to be oriented to the program and its activities. After returning to the US, students must submit the final project within one week for a final grade in the course. 6 transfer credits, 50.493 and 53.400. Apply and learn more. Read their blog.

Offered Each Summer Session - Music Workshop in Tuscany, Italy


This is an exciting opportunity for music majors!

This summer for the first time, there will be two sessions of the Sarteano Chamber Choral Conducting Workshop in Tuscany, Italy. Two (or more) UMass Lowell music majors will be selected to participate in the workshop. 

Participation costs will be covered through a scholarship granted by the Sarteano workshop. Sing with choral musicians from all over the globe! Join Simon Carrington, Bronislawa Falinska and UMass Lowell Choral Director, Brian O'Connell for their eleventh consecutive year leading this workshop.

This intensive conducting workshop is geared for music educators and choral conductors with strong vocal ability that are interested in rehearsing and performing chamber choral music. You will be part of a 26-30-member ensemble that will prepare and perform a cappella choral music from the 16th to the 21st century. As a music educator or conductor seeking the experience of working and learning in a small group, you will have the opportunity to establish and develop relationships and to make music with other like-minded musicians. Creating a cohesive and musical ensemble in such a short time period is essential to the workshop, and we will focus on techniques to help facilitate this over the course of the workshop.

Workshop sessions will be held in the Società Filarmonica. The first session (Musica Sacra) will culminate in a performance in the historic Chiesa di San Francisco, while the second session (mixed repertoire) will close with a performance in the beautiful Teatro di Sarteano. Apply and learn more.

Previously Offered: Summer 2015 - Comparative Law in London

Travel and study in London with professor Walter Toomey where you will immerse yourself in Comparative Law. Through site visits such as the houses of Parliament, Inns of Court, The Royal courts of Justice, the Commonwealth Lawyer's Association as well as guest lecturers, students will gain a better perspective on their own legal system as well as the United Kingdom legal system. By comparing and contrasting the various facets of each system and the justifications and impact of each, students will sharpen their critical thinking and their ability to articulate practical distinctions, positive or negative, between starkly contrasting models. Students will also gain cultural perspective, improve their ability to cope and thrive in unfamiliar and challenging environments, practice diplomacy by politely and thoughtfully engaging people with different ideas in meaningful discussion and debate, and learn to use their experiences to critique and evolve their own preconceptions and ideas. 3 credits. Apply and learn more.

Previously Offered: Summer 2015 - Human Rights and International Law, The Hague, Netherlands

Travel and study with Political Science professor Gary Uzonyi to The Hague, Netherlands. Located less than an hour south of Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ 780 year old seaside seat of government has played a prominent role in shaping the purpose, design, and importance of human rights law since the end of the Cold War. In this class, we will examine why states repress their people, form human rights law, and comply with international human rights standards. While in The Hague, the class will visit the world’s most famous human rights courts, including the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Court of Justice, and the Peace Palace. Students will have a chance to interact with human rights lawyers and practitioners, learning from those individuals who have played a critical role in punishing infamous war criminals and shaping modern international relations. 3 credits.  Also open to Graduate students for 3 credits. Apply and Learn More.

Summer 2016 - UTeach and Study in the UK

This is anNew Component opportunity of a lifetime for students in the STEM teacher preparation program UTeach to experience what it is like to teach math or science in a British secondary school. This is purely an experiential learning trip with no credits attached. Students will spend the two weeks  at the local secondary schools learning about the British education system and gaining experience teaching either math or science in a classroom. In the afternoons there will be a series of lectures at the University of Reading. The evenings are free for the students to explore this town known for numerous music, art and cultural festivals with a thriving theatre scene. The weekends will involve seeing much more of England with trips to historic Oxford, Bath and Stonehenge, followed by an overnight stay in London just before heading back home. Apply and learn more.

Summer 2016 - Creating Shakespeare, Then and Now, in London, England

ShakespeareTravel and study in London this summer with professor Kevin Petersen. In 2016 the world will observe the 400 year anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. To mark this occasion, England will host an unprecedented number of theatrical productions, events, and exhibits to celebrate this cultural icon. This 3-6 credit abroad program will take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with Shakespeare’s work and his continued influence. We will explore London and its cultural sites to help us understand how Shakespeare grew from a poet, to a commodity, to a legacy to this day. We will also spend time in Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of the internationally renown Royal Shakespeare Company, to see performances and tour Shakespeare’s city and its attractions. Aside from theaters and historical sites, we visit British cultural institutions, see original publications of Shakespeare’s work, speak with theatrical and scholarly professionals, and participate in this momentous anniversary in Shakespeare’s backyard. In addition to the plays, we will visit a number of museums, historical sites, and London neighborhoods to broaden our understanding of English literary history and Shakespeare’s enduring importance as he is repacked and repurposed from everything to films to coffee mugs to comic books. “Creating Shakespeare” is designed as an introductory course; no previous experience with Shakespeare is required. Students may take one of two course offerings: one course will be a Gen. Ed class designed to orient students to the work and how it has been recreated over the centuries. The other course possibility, Special Topics, is for students who have already taken Shakespeare or who hope to satisfy a specific requirement and who want to use their experience to study at a higher level.  Students can take 1 course or both. Apply and learn more.

Summer 2016 - Selected Topics in Criminal Justice and Internship in Braga, Portugal

New ComponentUMass Lowell’s Center for Terrorism and Security Studies (CTSS) is seeking highly motivated students to become involved in a immersive study abroad program hosted in Portugal, Summer 2016. CTSS is offering two 3 credit courses focused on terrorism and counter-terrorism in Europe and the United States. These courses will help students develop a solid understanding of the differences between European and American approaches to terrorism and counter-terrorism. The Internship program will also give students applied experience of collecting, coding and analyzing data on terrorist offenders. Students are able to take both or just one of the two courses on offer. Apply and learn more.