Nile to the Merrimack - A Selection of Contemporary Art from Egypt

Cultural exchange is an essential and innovative aspect of the mission of the UMass Lowell Middle East Center. Therefore, the Center is honored to host an exhibition of contemporary Egyptian art entitled, “Nile to the Merrimack - A Selection of Contemporary Art from Egypt." This exhibition will focus on digital work, both still and time-based, providing students an opportunity to understand their own work in an expanded and global context. It is being planned by Professor Stephen Mishol, UMass Lowell, Professor Jim Jeffers, UMass Lowell, and Curator Rasha Ragab of the Museum of Modern Art, Cairo.

This exhibition results from partnerships established on the UMass Lowell delegation trip to Egypt led by Provost Ahmed Abdelal. The UMass Lowell delegation included Provost Abdelal, Dr. Paula Rayman, Director of the Middle East Center, Professor Steve McCarthy, Plastics Engineering, and Professor Steve Mishol, Painting.  Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Director of the High Institute of Applied Arts graciously hosted the UMass Lowell delegation. Dr. Kamal is a leading Egyptian artist, and his son Wael is a recognized leader in media and film. The visit to Dr. Kamal’s school was a highlight of the trip and led to the innovative art exhibition.

From the Nile to the Merrimack- A Selection of Contemporary Art from Egypt

February 28 – March 25, 2011
Curator Talk and Reception: March 1, 3 - 5 p.m.
71 Wilder Street, Lowell MA 01854
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“The Egypt trip was evidence of UMass Lowell’s commitment to the Arts and Humanities role in shaping not only the lives of our students but also the world they will continue to define upon graduating.  Meeting artists and educators who shared my belief in the vital role the arts have in our lives helped give me a much more expansive context to my work here in Lowell.  This exchange of ideas and founding of new friendships was as invaluable as the opportunity to experience Egypt’s rich and complex history.”
- Professor Steve Mishol, Painting