Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland

In March 2009, University of Massachusetts Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan signed a Collaboration Agreement with Queen’s University Belfast (Queens) in a ceremony with Queen’s Vice Chancellor Peter Gregson’s in the Great Hall at the Queen’s campus in Belfast.

Queen’s is a research-driven university with a dynamic world class research and education portfolio and strong international connections. Areas of research excellence range from conflict resolution and peace studies to drug design and health care. Its Sonic Arts program and its cutting edge studies in nano science place it among the leaders in the United Kingdom and the European community.

Queen's University of Belfast has established a multi-disciplinary Polymer Processing Research Centre (PPRC) with assistance from the Industrial Research and Technology Unit (IRTU) in Northern Ireland as well as The Medical Polymers Research Institute (MPRI).

Queen's has a world renowned School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, led by the distinguished expert in Irish Studies, Professor Richard English. The school is also home to the International Research Initiative, one goal of which is Irish Studies research. In addition, Queen's conducts an annual International Summer School that offers a three week program in Irish history, politics, religion, literature and the arts.

The City of Belfast presents a unique opportunity for UMass Lowell students to study in the community issues of social conflict and resolution.


St. Mary's University College, Belfast, Northen Ireland

St. Mary's university, which is affiliated with Queen’s, also offers coursework in Liberal Arts, Education, Irish and European studies and promotes internships in the Belfast community. Chancellor Meehan and a delegation from the University of Massachusetts Lowell were hosted by St. Mary’s Principal Peter Finn and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams at the Falls Road campus in March of 2009.

St. Mary’s is consistently ranked among the top colleges in the UK in student satisfaction. It offers programs in liberal arts and teacher training.

Neighboring community organizations in West Belfast such as the Gailtacht Quarter Board and the Commission for Victims and Survivors may provide UMass Lowell students with opportunities for internships and community service.

Dublin City University

In July, 2010, University of Massachusetts Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan and a delegation from UMass Lowell attended the inauguration of President Brian MacCraith at the Dublin City University campus in Ireland. President’s MacCraith’s first event as President was to sign a Collaboration Agreement with UMass Lowell to promote collaboration between the two institutions.

Dublin City University was established in 1989. There are over 80 programmes and 11,000 registered students. Dublin City University was initially set up to fulfil the national requirement for a highly-trained workforce with skills in the areas of business, science and electronics, computer technology, communications and languages and as an agent for change in its local community. The first students came through the door in 1980 and the university is now recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of academic excellence. 

University of Ulster


Annual Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship Conference

In October 2009, UMass Lowell hosted the first annual US/Ireland Emerging Technologies Conference at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center, engaging faculty and researchers from Queen’s University, Dublin City University, UMass Lowell and leaders in industry. This international event featured experts from the three universities presenting and taking part in panel discussions on new research in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, nanotechnology and more. Representatives of companies leading the way in those fields will spoke about how new technologies are being used in real-world manufacturing and product development.

The second US/Ireland Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship conference took place at Dublin City University in October 2011.  6 faculty members from UMass Lowell took part as presenters at the two day conference. 

Conference Attendees

Faculty Exchange and Collaboration

Faculty Exchange Excellence and Equity in Education:  Research Collaboration between Lowell, Belfast and Haifa completed a research proposal that will identify evidence based practices for school improvement and design intervention strategies to assist communities in improving their schools. The Belfast-Haifa-Lowell Group also completed a research proposal it intends to use to apply for grants from external funders.

Several faculty members have been asked to give lectures at various institutions in Ireland including, National University of Ireland at Galway, Queen’ University, Dublin City University and St. Patrick’s Drumcondra.

We have hosted faculty from Queen’s University, Dublin City University and Cork Institute of Technology on campus for lectures and workshops, including:

  1. Dr. Gary Murphy, faulty member from Dublin City University and Fulbright Scholar, came to campus to deliver a  lecture on “Ireland: From Celtic Tiger to IMF Bailout”.

  2. Dr. Shane O’Neill, Dean of College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences from Queen’s University visited campus to meet with faculty and students in Peace and Conflict Studies.

  3. Dr. Jean Hughes and Morag Munro from Dublin City University spent two days on campus meeting with various individuals about online learning, Centers for Learning and Innovation in learning.

  4. Dr. Tony Gallagher, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, from Queen’s University, visited campus to take part in a Peace and Education Forum “Facing Conflict: Voices from the Field.”

  5. Michael Delaney, Vice President of Development from Cork Institute of Technology came to campus to explore collaboration opportunities. 

  6. Dr. Karen Devereaux Melillo spent a portion of her Sabbatical at Dublin City University from February 26 - March 14, 2013. Read her report on the trip. 

Business Leaders and Local Government Collaboration

In November 2010, The Center for Irish Partnerships hosted a visit to UMass Lowell by delegation from Donegal, Ireland, including Mayor Cora Harvey and members of the County Council.

In October 2011, The Center for Irish Partnerships hosted The Northern Ireland Massachusetts Connection (NIMAC), a group dedicated to advancing business, research and clinical collaboration, between Massachusetts, Northern Ireland and Europe, on campus in the M2D2 facility.

In November 2011, The Center for Irish Partnerships hosted Breakfast Roundtable for a delegation of local authority and business leaders from the Northwest of Ireland on the Green Economy and Tourism.

Meetings and Events with Irish Government Leaders

On November 19, 2010, Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States of American, His Excellency Michael Collins visited UMass Lowell with Irish Consul General to Boston, Michael Lonergan, to hear about the various partnership activities UMass Lowell is engaged in with Irish Universities.

In February 2012, the Center for Irish Partnerships directors attended a reception at the Seaport Hotel for Taoiseach Enda Kenny, T.D.

In March 2012, Ireland’s Minister for Children and Youth Affairs visited UMass Lowell for a roundtable discussion on Children’s Rights with faculty members Linda Williams and Andy Harris from Criminal Justice and Stephanie Block from Psychology.

In May 2012, Co-Director Frank Talty attended a luncheon at the UMass Club welcoming Irish President, Michael D. Higgins, to Boston.  Co-Directors Steve McCarthy and Victoria Denoon subsequently attended a lecture at Faneuil Hall by President Michael D. Higgins, regarding the Famine.