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For Students

How Can You and Your Team Get Involved?

  1. Complete the DifferenceMaker Hawk Hatch Application. Do not forget to submit at least one project photo (team, project, logo, prototype, etc.)
  2. Email the completed application to
    1. Projects will be chosen based on quality and promptness of each application.
    2. Your application will go through an approval process.
    3. You will be contacted once the approval process is completed.
  3. Once you are approved as a participant, your application information will be used on the Hawk Hatch website. 
    1. In order for you to better reach your goal you must market and self-promote your project and the Hawk Hatch website link (flyers, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  4. At the end of your fundraising cycle, Thank You letters must be written and sent to each of your donors thanking them for their participation in helping to fund your project.


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