These are instructions for departments and hiring managers on how to proceed with hiring:

  1. Non-student new to the university
  2. Student transitioning to a non-student job
  3. A person who has not worked at the university for over a year

Step 1: Department enters posting in PageUp. Here are instructions on how to post a temporary job (pdf). Must have approval from their Executive Cabinet Member prior to entering requisition in PageUp.

Step 2: Once posted, candidates may apply for job. In blind posting cases, where there is a specific candidate in mind, Employment will send application link to be forwarded to candidate.

Step 3: Once candidate applies, department must notify employment to close posting. Department should review application, check references and recommend candidate for hire by filling out and submitting the offer card in PageUp.

Step 4: Background check is initiated and employment will send candidate CORI form for completion. Please have the candidate schedule an appointment with Andrea Choate (email: or phone: 978-934-2683) to have their completed CORI form verified against a valid government-issued ID. Candidate should also complete Form I-9 and new hire paperwork at this time (see Temporary Hires page). Background checks take a minimum of five business days to complete.

Step 5: Once results are received, department is notified that they may proceed with hire. Departments should now create an ePAF to hire the candidate in HR Direct. In ePAF “Comments” field, please include note: “Employment has confirmed background check is complete.”