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Guidance on Furloughs and Temporary Layoffs

Guidance on Unpaid Furloughs and Temporary Layoffs

During FY20, five-day unpaid furloughs were required for the non-unit staff, SEIU professional unit employees, Teamsters Police bargaining unit, MTA Classified & Technical and MTA Maintenance & Trades employees. Read Frequently Asked Questions on Furloughs for FY2020. 
In addition, during FY21, due to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, temporary layoffs were recently announced in an effort to reduce the operating budget by August 1, 2020.
Benefited Staff should refer to the link on Benefited Entitlements during a Temporary Layoff

Pay Status 

Employees will be on unpaid leave status while on temporary layoff. Employees may not use any paid leave time. In addition, vacation time is not paid out during a temporary layoff.  

Creditable Service 

The Massachusetts State Employees’ Retirement System (MSERS) will waive up to 20 business days of creditable service for employees participating in this plan who are furloughed for a short time. However, because temporary layoffs are anticipated to last more than 20 days, creditable service will be impacted for those participating in MSERS. 

FAQ on Faculty Furloughs

Due to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, faculty were asked to take one of three options in an effort to reduce the operating budget. The three options are to take a five-day furlough, to teach an extra class or donate the equivalent of a five-day furlough to the UML Emergency Fund (refer to the MSP MOA). Please refer to these FAQ for more information.

Continuation of Health Insurance 

For employees on temporary layoff, the GIC will bill for the employee portion of the health insurance to be paid directly to them on a monthly basis under the guidance provided on their website
Employees will not accrue paid time off during temporary layoff.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits

Employees on temporary layoff are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits and should do so during the first week of layoff. 
Please see additional information on Unemployment Benefits.