2022 GIC Annual Open Enrollment April 6 - May 4

Please call the Benefits Office at 978-934-4100 or email us at: Benefits@uml.edu if you have any questions.

Changes made take effect July 1, 2022

Annual enrollment time is here, giving you the opportunity to review your benefit options and choose a new health plan or make other benefit changes if you wish. Take action during Annual Enrollment! Do your homework, even if you think you want to stay in the same health plan. Take this opportunity to think about what you and your family need in the way of health care and other benefits.

During annual enrollment, if eligible, you may:

Be sure to download and review the 2022-2023 GIC Active State Employee Benefits Guide as it provides an overview of benefits for active state employees. This guide reviews the benefits and rates effective July 1, 2022.  

What's New This Year

With the NEW MyGICLink member benefits portal you can:

  • View your benefits real time throughout the year
  • Update your coverage if you have a qualifying event
  • Change your coverage during GIC’s Annual Enrollment period

Register now for the MyGICLink member benefits portal.

Active employees with a valid email address on GIC records covered by GIC benefits received a registration email for the MyGICLink Member Benefits Portal including a unique pin. If you don’t have your original registration email, request to resend your pin.

If the GIC does not have a valid email address on GIC records, in order to gain access to the MyGICLink Member Benefits Portal, you will need to complete the email update form. You will receive an email to register for the GIC member benefits portal as soon as GIC has updated your email.

Health Insurance Products

  • Fallon Health Members: Fallon Health made the decision to stop offering insurance to commercial customers, including the GIC. As a result, the GIC will no longer be able to offer Fallon Direct or Fallon Select health plans beginning July 1, 2022. We strongly encourage you to review your options and choose a new health plan during GIC's Annual Enrollment for health coverage effective July 1, 2022.  NOTE: If you do not select a new health plan by May 4, 2022, you will be enrolled in the UniCare PLUS health plan effective July 1, 2022. 
  • Behavioral Health Benefits: Starting July 1, 2022, each child and adolescent covered member will have access to expanded behavioral health benefits. These benefits include in-home behavioral services, family support and training, in-home therapy, therapeutic monitoring, mobile crisis intervention, intensive care coordination, community-based acute treatment, and intensive community-based acute treatment.

Pharmacy Benefits

  • COVID-19 vaccines, including booster vaccines, are covered under Express Scripts.

Other Benefits

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA): For Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023), the IRS limit on medical FSA (HCSA) contributions will increase to $2,850 per year. Dependent Care (DCAP) contribution limits remain at $5,000 per household annually. It is important to keep in mind that FSA plans require re-enrollment each year in order to participate. Enrollment in FSA is done online through the Benefit Strategies website.

On-Campus Benefits Information Session

No Benefits Information Sessions will be scheduled at this time.

UMass Lowell Benefits staff will be available by telephone or email to answer your questions and to provide assistance with the benefits enrollment process.

GIC Virtual Benefit Fair

GIC carriers created presentations to help members understand their benefit options for the FY2023 benefit year July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.

Action Required by You

What to do if you are not making any changes:

If you have researched your options and determined you do not want to make any changes to your current Group Insurance Commission (GIC) benefits including your health plan, you DO NOT need to do anything.  Your coverage will continue automatically (with the exception of the FSA Program, which does require re-enrollment each new plan year.)

What to do if you are making changes: 

If making a change to your existing GIC benefit options including health plan, access the new employee portal at MyGICLink Employee Portal

Through the employee portal, you can enroll in, cancel or change your election of Health, Basic Life, Optional Life and Long Term Disability, add or drop your spouse and dependent(s) from coverage during Annual Enrollment. In addition, the portal allows you to make home address, name change, notify the GIC of divorce and/or remarriage notifications. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the myGICLINK does not locate you in their database DO NOT PANIC! To use myGICLink the GIC must have an up-to-date email address. Request an Email update form to submit to the GIC.

Open enrollment changes must be submitted to the GIC no later than Wednesday, May 4, 2022.