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W-2 Information for 2014

W-2 Year End Forms for 2014 have been mailed to addresses on file within HR Direct. W-2's are also now available for employees in HR Direct under Self Service > Payroll and Compensation. 

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that employees review the additional information available on the UMass W-2 Information link, available below and in Self Service for a more detailed explanation of 2014 tax reporting and codes used on the W-2 Form.

Pay very close attention: to State Retirement Plan Contributions (Box 14Y on Form W-2) as these are not tax-deferred for state income tax purposes.  However, the Plan Administrator's understanding is tat the first $2,000 of your (annual) Plan Contributions are deductible on your state tax return.  This deduction is calculated automatically throughout the calendar year, however many tax software programs do not automatically recognize the code 14Y in this way.

Please contact your personal tax advisor for additional assistance with this issue.

Payroll dates for Fall 2014/Spring 2015 contracts:

Half year fall: 8/24/2014 to 12/27/2014 - 9 ppds* 
Full year: 8/24/2014 to 5/16/2015 - 19 ppds* (for TA/RA only) 
Half year spring: 1/11/2015 to 5/16/2015 - 9 ppds*

First pay check for fall issued on 9/12/2014** 
Last pay check for fall issued on 1/2/2015
First pay check for spring issued on 1/30/2015** 
Last pay check for spring to be issued on 5/22/2015

Checks are issued bi-weekly.

Please note that the HR/Payroll department enters contract dates based on what the department provides, the contracts should be written based on the academic calendar and/or when the employees are actually working, we will use Payroll dates that are as close to that as possible.

*Please note that like prior year ADJFAC and TA/RA contracts will be paid for nine pay periods instead of eight and TA/RA contracts will be paid in 19 pay periods instead of 18 pay periods, which will reduce the biweekly pay but the full stipend will still be received at the end of the academic year. TA/RA/GA Payscale (pdf).

**If the contracts are not received on time then payment will be delayed. Also this pay schedule may not apply to all Adjunct Faculty.

This Pay Period Dates (pdf) contains the following information regarding payroll periods: Sunday Begin Date, Saturday End Date and Pay Date.