Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Outreach

Human Resources Forms

General Forms

University of Massachusetts - Principles of Employee Conduct  (pdf)
Principles of Employee Conduct that apply to employees of the University of Massachusetts, passed by the BoT.

FIPA Form (Protect Personal Data) (pdf)
The Fair Information Practices Act allows employees the option to protect certain data from being published in directories.

Job Classification Appeal Process (doc)
If an employee belonging to the Classified/Technical, Maintenance & Trades or Police unit believes that his/her present position is not properly defined or classified, s/he has the opportunity to appeal to the University’s administration through the Office of Human Resources.

Faculty Staff Campaign Payroll Deduction Form (pdf)
Payroll Deduction form for the Faculty Staff Campaign.

Time Off Request (doc)
Employees requesting time off or a personal leave of absence must complete this form.

FMLA Request (pdf)
Employees seeking a leave of absence in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act must complete this form. See your rights under FMLA (pdf).

This form is used by regular benefited employees to authorize the biweekly parking deduction.  For more information, please visit UCAPS.

Moving Expense Tax Form (doc)
Updated guidelines on Moving and Relocation expenses and Moving Expense Tax Form.

Moving & Relocation Guidelines
For updated information, please visit the Accounts Payable Expense Reimbursements website.

Recruitment Forms

Request for Posting
Deans/Directors/Hiring Officials need to complete the Request for Posting Form at online in our PeopleAdmin Requisition and Applicant Tracking System. The Requisition will be routed to obtain the required approvals in order to post a job opening or promotional opportunity. Please contact Brenda Dumont at 978-944-4702 for assistance. See UMass Lowell's Equal Opportunity and Outreach Equity in Hiring for more information and additional forms.

Recruitment Sources by Job Categories (Publications/Websites)  (pdf)
Provides a list of position-specific and diversity-focused recruitment publications/websites grouped by job category and scope of candidate search.

Publication Deadlines for Recruitment Advertisements  (pdf)
Publication deadline information for when ads need to reach HR for timely ad placements. 

PeopleAdmin Advertising Template  (doc)
In order to ensure a consistent and welcoming message is conveyed to our applicants, Human Resources has created an advertising template that we will use to submit to our advertising agency for employment ads. The completed format should be uploaded to PeopleAdmin.

Confidentiality Agreement for Members of Search Committees (doc)
Information obtained regarding an applicant, including the status of an application within the process, must remain confidential throughout the process and thereafter. Such information may not be shared with the applicant except by the search committee chair or appointing authority acting in a formal capacity on behalf of the committee. No search committee member may contact an applicant individually without approval of the search committee chairperson. Information about the steps in the process and the timetables for the process are not confidential.

Hiring Guide  (pdf)
This information package contains all the information and instructions that you will need to complete the hiring of staff.

Employment Application Form 
Applicants need to complete the Application for Employment online at to apply for all open positions.

Employment Application Form - Current Employees 
Eligible current and regular employees of UMass Lowell need to complete the Application for Employment online through PeopleAdmin for all open positions they are eligible to apply for.

UMass Lowell CORI Policy for Faculty/Staff (pdf)
The Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Policy for Faculty and Staff at UMass Lowell.

UMass Lowell CORI Policy for Students (pdf)
The Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Policy for Students at UMass Lowell.