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Human Resources and Equal Opportunity & Outreach

  • What is the payment schedule for TAs/RAs and Adjunct Faculty for 2012-2013?

    Payroll dates for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 contracts:

    Half year fall: 8/26/2012 to 12/29/2012 - 9 ppds*
    Full year: 8/26/2012 to 5/18/2013 - 19 ppds* (for TA/RA only)
    Half year spring: 1/13/2013 to 5/18/2013 - 9 ppds*

    First pay check for fall issued on 9/14/2012**
    Last pay check for fall issued on 1/4/2013
    First pay check for spring issued on 2/1/2013**
    Last pay check for spring to be issued on 5/24/2013

    Checks are issued bi-weekly.

    Please note that the HR/Payroll department enters contract dates based on what the department provides, the contracts should be written based on the academic calendar and/or when the employees are actually working, we will use Payroll dates that are as close to that as possible.

    *Please note that like prior year ADJFAC and TA/RA contracts will be paid for nine pay periods instead of eight and TA/RA contracts will be paid in 19 pay periods instead of 18 pay periods, which will reduce the biweekly pay but the full stipend will still be received at the end of the academic year. TA/RA/GA Payscale (pdf).

    **If the contracts are not received on time then payment will be delayed. Also this pay schedule may not apply to all Adjunct Faculty.

    This Pay Period Dates (pdf) contains the following information regarding payroll periods: Sunday Begin Date, Saturday End Date and Pay Date.

  • Can I sign up for direct deposit?

    Yes! We strongly encourage all employees to sign up for direct deposit (pdf) and also to "go green" and suppress their advice (pay stub). Log into HR Direct to view your self service pay stub. Email if you would like to suppress your advice.

  • As a University employee, can I participate in political campaigns?

    Chapter 55 of the Massachusetts General Laws imposes a number of restrictions on the political activity of public employees. That law is enforced by the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF).

    OCPF publishes a Campaign Finance Guide, which is intended to answer questions concerning political and fundraising activity by government workers. This guide is strongly recommended for those who draw any compensation from any Massachusetts public entity (such as the state, a city or town or other public agency) and are involved in campaigns, as well as their supervisors. Candidates and committees that enlist the campaign support of public employees and officials also should review this guide. A brief fact sheet summarizing this guide is also available.

  • Where do I get a University ID card and gate cards for the faculty/staff parking lots?

    All non-student employees are eligible to receive a UCARD. This card also serves to provide gate access to all faculty/staff parking lots. ID cards are issued by UCARD, Access and Parking Services in University Crossing during regularly schedule hours. All employees must have their paperwork processed by Human Resources. Email, Secure Access and UCAPS accounts will be created approximately 48 hours after Human Resources has processed the paperwork.

  • Where do I get my staff ID card validated?

    Employees no longer need to obtain validation stickers for their University ID card. The new computerized system will determine validity at all parking gates, building access areas and libraries.

  • How do employees get parking stickers?

    Parking stickers are issued through Access Services. Please check Parking Information for details.

  • If my spouse loses their job, can I pick up health insurance if I hadn't already carried it?

    Yes, there are certain circumstances when you can pick up health insurance. If your spouse is terminated from their job you will need to obtain a letter from their Human Resource office which indicates the last day for which insurance will be provided. Bring that letter to Human Resources and we will be able to sign you up for insurance that will be effective the day after you spouse's insurance ends.

  • If I am on vacation and the University closes due to inclement weather or other circumstances, how do I record attendance on my time card/time sheet?

    If you were not scheduled to be at work on the day in question, due to planned vacation or sick time, you would record it as vacation or sick time. You only get a "free" day off, if you had been scheduled to work on the day the University closed (time reporting code: UCLSD).