Tuition Remission & Waiver Policy

This is a summary of the tuition benefits for UMass Lowell employees, spouses and dependents and includes an overview of the University's new Fee Waiver policy for spouses and dependents of eligible employees.

The tuition and fee waiver benefits apply only to full and part-time benefited employees.  Eligibility for tuition waivers for benefited employees does vary by length of benefited service, as does the eligibility for the fee waiver for spouses and dependents.  The amount of the tuition waiver or fee waiver also depends on the program of study (undergraduate, graduate or continuing education) and the benefited status (full-time or part-time).

Tuition Waivers at UMass campuses


Benefited employees of the University of Massachusetts receive 100% waiver of tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs at all University of Massachusetts campuses, excluding the UMass Medical MD program and UMass School of Law. Benefited employees are eligible for tuition waiver if the benefited hire date is on or prior to the first day of classes.

Continuing Education classes at UMass Lowell: UML Eligible employees receive 100% tuition waiver.
Continuing Education classes at other UMass campuses: For continuing education classes taken at other UMass campuses, tuition waiver is offered at 50% to eligible employees. 

Spouses and eligible dependents

Spouses and eligible dependents (as defined by IRS under the age of 26) are eligible if the employee has at least 6 months of benefited service.

Continuing Education classes at UMass Lowell:  Eligible spouses and dependents receive 50% tuition waiver.
Continuing Education classes at other UMass campuses:   For continuing education classes taken at other UMass campuses, tuition waiver is offered at 50% to the spouses and dependents of eligible employees. 

Tuition Waiver at other State Colleges/Universities

Employees with six (6) months or more of full-time benefited service (or equivalent benefited part-time service) are eligible for tuition waiver at other Massachusetts public community or state colleges/universities. This program provides eligible employees, their spouses and dependents with 100% waiver of tuition. Courses or programs through continuing education are offered at 50% tuition waiver.

UMass Fee Waiver Policy for Spouses and Dependents

The new fee waiver policy will be effective with the start of the fall 2015 semester and applies only to spouses and dependents of full and part-time benefited employees that have completed two years of full-time benefited service or four years of part-time benefited service at any of the UMass campuses or the UMass system office.   

The fee waiver policy is applicable to undergraduate courses only.  There is no fee waiver for graduate courses or courses taught through the UMass Medical MD program and the UMass School of Law. 

The fee waiver will be a maximum of 50% of the curriculum/operations fees for courses taken at any of the UMass campuses. 

The policy does not change the current fee waiver policy for UMass Lowell employees.  

Other Details

Dependents and spouses of benefited employees on unpaid leave (other than military leave, workers’ compensation and FMLA) are not eligible for this benefit.  This benefit is in effective only for the period of time in which the employee is employed by the University.  Should the employee resign, or is laid off, or otherwise separates from his/her position, the waiver shall be extended only through the semester in which the separation occurs.  However, the spouse and dependent children of retired or deceased employees may retain eligibility under the below described conditions:

If an eligible employee retires while a dependent child or spouse is enrolled in an undergraduate program of study of undergraduate degree program, the spouse or child may complete such program with the waiver, provided the enrollment is continuous.

If an eligible employee who has completed at least five (5) years of full-time equivalent benefited service dies, the surviving spouse and dependent children shall be eligible to enter and/or complete one full undergraduate program of study or undergraduate degree program with the waiver.

This summary outlines the program for benefited employees. Active Adjunct faculty who have been employed for more than one semester are entitled to take one course per year at UMass Lowell at no cost.   

As with any summary, if there is a conflict between information in this summary and any programs or benefits outlined in a collective bargaining agreement or other policy, then the agreement or policy prevails.  Please refer to the UMass Fee Waiver Policy (pdf) for more information and under your respective union agreement on the Labor Relations website.


Please contact the Benefits Office at (978) 934-4100 or email for more information or for questions on the Tuition Waiver Form (pdf). Forms should be submitted to the main HR/EOO office. 

The fax number is (978) 934-3036.  

The HR main office phone number is (978) 934-3560.