Honors College Fellowships

An Honors College Student Fellowship is a $1,500 grant given to a Commonwealth Honors student for pre-approved scholarly engagement that is overseen and guided by a mentor. Each fellowship must have a reading, writing, and speaking component. 

Students who are awarded fellowships are expected to devote approximately 100 hours of focused effort on their fellowship project. A fellowship can be spread out over a full year, though it may be completed sooner. However, all Honors College Fellowships must be completed within 12 months of when it was awarded. The reading, writing, and speaking requirement is typically satisfied through reading relevant articles or materials to the project, writing related to the project or completing some reflective writing on their experience, and a final presentation. 

The $1,500 grant is credited to a student's financial account. Typically, half of the award ($750) is disbursed at the start of the fellowship, with the second half ($750) disbursed after satisfactory completion of the fellowship and their final presentation. 

Please note that all students conducting an Honors College Fellowship must give a 15-minute final presentation to complete the fellowship. The student will have the option of an in-person or virtual presentation, and will work with our Fellowship Coordinator to select an appropriate date and time. 

There are three ways to apply for a fellowship. You can find more information, as well as the relevant applications, on our Fellowship Libguide

  1. Faculty Mentor and Student Application: This application is for students who have connected with a faculty mentor for the project, submitting the form and corresponding proposal together. 
  2. Faculty Mentor without a Student Application: Are you a faculty member looking for high-achieving undergraduates to get involved with one of your projects? Complete this form and a brief proposal about the project, and we will recruit students for the position. 
  3. Student without a Faculty Mentor Application: Are you an Honors Student who has a potential fellowship idea but no faculty mentor? Complete this form and include a brief description of your idea and relevant skills, and Honors will try to match you with an appropriate faculty mentor.
To explore fellowship options, learn more, and apply, please visit the Honors College Student Fellowship Libguide.
Questions regarding fellowships? Please contact Fellowship Coordinator, Julian Zabalbeascoa.

National Scholarships

The Office of National Scholarships at UMass Lowell provides guidance to both graduate and undergraduate students about major national fellowships and scholarships across all academic disciplines.

Honors College Awards

The Eric Sheldon Founder Award 

This annual award recognizes a graduating Honors Study for their academic excellence and love of learning. This award is typically given at the end of the Spring semester.

The Jacqueline F. Moloney Founder Award 

This annual award recognizes a faculty member who has made significant contributions to the Honors College and has demonstrated unwavering support for student success and lifelong learning. This award is typically given at the end of the Spring semester.

The Balasubramanian Family Honors College Thesis Award

This annual award recognizes one or two graduating Honors Students who conduct the best STEM-related Honors Thesis or Project presentation. This award is typically given at the end of the Spring semester.