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Welcome! As an Honors College at a research-intensive university in a gateway city, we are a diverse community of scholars, entrepreneurs, artists and leaders committed to enriching your UMass Lowell experience through research, study, conversation and real-world encounters.

As a member of the Honors College, you’ll work with a dedicated team to guide you through your undergraduate experience while connecting you with meaningful opportunities. We’ll encourage you to delve deeper into your major area of study, but also to give yourself time and permission to explore other academic interests and extracurricular pursuits. Your college experience should extend far beyond the classroom. 

We pride ourselves on curating an array of focused courses, seminars, field trips, compact study abroad programs, research opportunities, creative experiences and networking events. From these you will make your own path.

Interested in travelling? The Honors College offers short intensive study abroad programs during semester breaks that also allow you to earn Honors credit. These faculty-led trips expose you to different cultures and allow you to gain insights into issues such as environmental challenges, social structures and international politics. Current opportunities include trips to Cuba, Madrid, San Sebastian (the Basque Country) and London (including Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre). 

In Honors College courses, you and a small group of peers will participate in a focused intellectual encounter. Perhaps you’ll take advantage of opportunities to pursue original research alongside faculty. We will encourage you to engage with the non-profit and community organizations in Lowell and the Merrimack Valley that serve our diverse community.

You may be a computer scientist, engineer, artist or liberal arts major. The Honors College welcomes students from every academic program. We are home to leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and thinkers.

Most essentially, we are home to a supportive, engaged community. The Honors College also serves the greater UMass Lowell campus through endeavors such as the fall Honor Yourself Week, organized in conjunction with UMatter2.

At our new home in Allen House, members of the Honors College can find respite in a beautiful location as well as a place to meet, study or engage in one of many events. 

As thoughtful representatives of UMass Lowell, we recognize that we occupy the ancestral lands of the Indigenous communities of Pawtucket and Wamesit.

We also acknowledge the exploitive actions of Charles Allen, the past occupant of the Allen House, as we commit to a tradition of inclusion reflective of the diversity of our community and the culture of UMass Lowell.

I invite you to learn more about the Honors College at UMass Lowell.

Jenifer Whitten-Woodring
Dean of the Honors College