Blake Herath

Blake Hereth, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dugan 200L

Research Interests

AI Ethics, Ethics of Self-Defense, Philosophy of Religion, Feminist Philosophy


  • Ph.D. (2019), University of Washington
  • MA (2017), University of Washington
  • MA (2014), University of Arkansas
  • BA (2011), Cedarville University


Blake Hereth (they/them) is Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, actively researching the ethics of warfighter enhancement under a grant from the Department of Defense's Minerva Research Initiative. Their work on self-defense and war has been published in such venues as Philosophical Studies, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Social Theory and Practice, and the Journal of Military Ethics. When not writing, Blake spends time with their partner and two adorable dogs, Sadie and Kona.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • APA Frank Chapman Sharp Memorial Prize, American Philosophical Association, 2019, Title: "Animal Rights Pacifism", Awarded for the Best Essay on the Ethics of War & Peace
  • Graduate Teaching Award Department of Philosophy, University of Washington, 2019
  • Vernon Teaching Award Department of Philosophy, University of Arkansas, 2014

Selected Publications

  • "Mary, Did You Consent?" (2021), Religious Studies (Online First), 1-24.
  • "Health Justice for Unjust Combatants," (2021), Journal of Military Ethics 20(1), 67-81.
  • "Animal Rights Pacifism," (2021), Philosophical Studies 178(12), 4053-4082.
  • With Anthony Ferrucci. "Here's Not Looking at You, Kid: A New Defense of Anti-Natalism," (2021), South African Journal of Philosophy 40(1), 14-33.
  • With Michael Blake. "Sanctuary Cities and Non-Refoulement," (2020), Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 23(2), 457-474.
  • "The Shape of Trans Afterlife Justice," (2020), in Voices from the Edge: Centering Marginalized Perspectives in Analytic Theology, eds. Michelle Panchuk and Michael Rea, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 185-205.
  • "Animal Gods," (2019), The Lost Sheep in Philosophy of Religion: New Perspectives on Disability, Gender, Race, and Animals, eds. Blake Hereth and Kevin Timpe, NY: Routledge.

Research Currently in Progress

  • "Heavenly Procreation"
  • "Pacifists Are Admirable Only if They're Right"
  • "On the Duty to Procreate if Pro-Natalism is True"
  • "Moral Excuse to the Pacifist's Rescue"
  • "Honorable Victims: A Feminist Reply to Statman"
  • "Moral Bioenhancement for Prisoners of War"
  • "The Military Medical Ethics of AI-Assisted Warfighter Enhancement Research and Development" (with Jonathan Moreno, Michael Gross, Nicholas Evans, Neil Shortland, and Jack Becker)
  • "Can We Justify Military Enhancements? Some Yes, Most No" (with Nicholas Evans)
  • "The Gods Will Not Be Tamed: Replies to Dustin Crummett"
  • "Killing Strangers Wearing Familiar Faces" (with Nicholas Evans and Paul Tubig)
  • "Satellites as Sites of Rights: An Argument for Transnational Civilian Satellites"