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2013 Student Creative Venture Competition

Deadline October 25, 2013


The Competition

The new UMass Lowell Student Creative Venture Competition seeks to leverage and highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and creative abilities of the UMass Lowell students, specifically students in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science. The goal of the competition is to encourage creativity and to promote the process of thinking from concept to delivery required to plan and launch a potential program, product or service.

If you have creative ideas for a viable product, service or program capable of delivering a tangible social benefit or launching a new business venture, please consider forming a student team; develop a proposal and enter the Competition. 


  • Applicants must be students (graduate or undergraduate) in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Science (FAHSS) and at least one team member from the College must be an Undergraduate student.
  • Students are encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams, meaning students from different majors can work together as a team in developing the Proposal, so students from other Colleges at the University may be on the submitting team of students. However, FAHSS students must take a substantial role in developing, presenting and implementing the Proposal.

Application and Deadlines


Business or Non-Profit Enterprise Plan submission – Due by 5 p.m.  Nov.1, 2013

  • Each team must submit a Business or Non-Profit Enterprise Plan of up to 5 pages in a Summary format. Team submitting plans past the deadline will likely not be included in this year’s Competition. 
  • A Judging Committee will select up to 10 teams to participate in the preliminary round of the Competition.

Preliminary Presentation Event

The teams selected by the Judging Committee will present their proposals to the Judging Committee in a live three-minute “pitch” in the Preliminary round to be held in mid-November (date TBA). The team may utilize PowerPoint slides up to a limit of 5 slides in their presentation.

The judges will then narrow the competition subsequently by selecting the best five proposals to enter the final round.

Awards and Final Event

  • The top five finalists will present their Business or Non-Profit Enterprise plan with additional details to the same Judging Committee in late November (date TBD)
  • The winners and amounts will be announced at the conclusion of the presentations in the Final Round


  • $2,500 award for first place team
  • $250 award/each for four finalist teams

FAHSS Creative Ventures happens with support of the DifferenceMaker program. 

For more information contact Assistant Dean Dr.