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Student Evaluation Form/Models

The purpose of student evaluations is to inform faculty, department chairs the dean of the college and the Provost about the impressions students have concerning their classroom experience. It is understood that student evaluations should be viewed as one means by which faculty and departments may promote and maintain quality instruction and shall not be used to support any negative personnel action.

Student evaluations shall remain at the department level. At the faculty member's option, the faculty member may submit student evaluations or a summary of their results for consideration by various promotion tenure review committees. The faculty member shall become the sole custodian of these student evaluations at the end of every three academic years and shall have the exclusive authority and responsibility to maintain or destroy them. Individual faculty members in conjunction with the Chairs/Heads and/or the personnel committees of academic departments will develop evaluation instruments, which satisfy standards of reliability and validity. The parties agree that the crafting of evaluation forms could be aided by input from agreed upon experts/consultants in the field of educational testing/evaluation. Such expertise will be made available to Department Chairs and members of Department.

The union contract specifies that the role of any outside experts/consultants shall be advisory and the responsibility of the formulation of any student evaluation rests with the Chair, Heads and/or personnel committees and the individual faculty member. In that capacity, the faculty development center acting as a outside expert provides below some examples of syllabus models that can be adopted with or without modification by individual faculty members.