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Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee (FDC) supports the development of junior, mid-career and senior faculty. The resources, models and information we provide will help you be successful and productive in your teaching, research and service endeavors. Our Mission is to:

  • To foster interdisciplinary communities within and across departments and colleges, leading to an engaged faculty.
  • To inspire and assist the faculty to realize their highest potential for teaching, research, scholarship, and service throughout a productive career.

About Us

Beginning January 2011, a group of six senior UMass Lowell faculty, recommended by Deans and appointed by the Provost, began serving as a Steering Committee for a reorganized Faculty Development Center. The Committee’s first task was to develop a new mission statement. After extensive discussions and interviews, including reviews of the mission statements for Faculty Development Centers at peer institutions, the following statement was adopted.


The Committee is responsible for defining specific goals and planning events that serve the mission. Priorities will include: orienting new faculty to the culture and resources of the University; advising assistant and associate professors who strive for tenure and/or promotion; sponsoring training that applies advanced technology for improved teaching; connecting faculty across disciplines for innovative research and scholarship; and encouraging full professors to connect their teaching with service learning opportunities for their students and themselves.  It is expected that much of the work of the Committee will take place through informal mentoring.