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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a comment or complaint about an ongoing UMass Lowell project?

Please contact us by email at

How do I submit a request for a project?

Project requests should be submitted through the Annual Call Process. Annually, starting in the spring, we solicit project requests from the campus.

You can submit your requests for consideration by first submitting to your department head or director, who can then forward to the appropriate Provost or Vice Chancellor for consideration.

This process will result in a prioritized list of projects for the near term and upcoming fiscal years. In general, the projects incorporated into the Annual Plan must reflect the university’s overall strategic vision, campus master plans, and academic initiatives.

Given our limited funds and resources, not all projects requested can be implemented. The process has been developed to assist with solicitation, review and prioritization of these requests.

I am a contractor. How do I get involved with work at UMass Lowell?

As a state entity, the university follows public bidding laws. We advertise in the Central Register and The Lowell Sun for projects and master service contractors as needed.
For further information please visit our Purchasing and Strategic Contracting website or our For Contractors and Service Providers webpage.

I work for an architectural firm. How do I get involved with work at UMass Lowell?

The university follows the M.G.L. Ch.7 Designer Selection Law process for selection of house doctor consultants. For more information, please visit

If the project is minor and/or my department is funding the work, can my department hire our own contractor?

No. Any work done on University property must go through Facilities Management. While we recognize your desire for a speedy project, careful consideration must be given to the potential impact on building systems, permitting requirements, potential hazardous materials such as asbestos, compliance with State procurement laws, and alignment with the University goals and mission. In addition, centralizing renovation projects through our department further benefits UMass Lowell by ensuring consistency throughout our campus.

What is the process my project will go through if it meets the initial criteria?

The next project phases are the development of a scope of work, a feasibility study and design, if necessary. Each phase includes various levels of review and approvals, depending on the project. Learn more about project phases.

Where can I get a copy of the contractor guidelines?

Please visit our E-Library to get a copy.

Where can I get a copy of the current UMass Lowell Campus Design Standards?

The current version of the UMass Lowell Campus Design Standards can be found online via our E-Library.

Who should I contact for other information about renovation projects at UMass Lowell?

For other questions or for general information, contact us at

Why are projects so costly?

It is tempting to compare a campus renovation to renovations you might make to your home. However, commercial construction is very different than residential renovations. Key factors include prevailing wage, which we are required by law to pay on our projects; the cost of consultants necessary for feasibility studies, design and building code reviews; and code or building infrastructure upgrades, which can be triggered by a new project.

Why is the duration of projects so lengthy?

Each project must go through an extremely detailed, multi-step process to ensure a successful result that meets the needs of both the requesting department and the university. The project timeframe is also impacted by the fact that UMass Lowell is a state entity and must follow specific feasibility study requirements.