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Digital Media Expert Wael Kamal

Digital Media Expert Wael Kamal

Wael Kamal soundbite filmed in UMass Lowell studio.

Wael Kamal, Digital Media and Journalism

Digital Media Expert Wael Kamal

Wael Kamal is an authority on digital media and journalism whose experience includes photographing the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square, working in the television industry in Egypt and writing for a national newspaper. 

His experience includes cinematography and news videography, as well as lighting and other skills related to TV and broadcasting. Kamal is an accomplished photographer who has exhibited his work around the world. 

He is the founding director of UMass Lowell’s Digital Media Program and also teaches in the Department of Art and the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, including the use of media such as film and video to resolve conflict. He is an affiliated faculty member in UMass Lowell’s Center for Middle East Peace Development and Culture and a member of the editorial board for the Journal on Telecom and Digital Media in Singapore. 

Kamal earned a Ph.D. in communication studies at from Georgia State University and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in cinematography from the Academy of Arts in Egypt.